29 November 2013

Alazay's Animoto

We made an animoto from our friend's photo essays from the Tamaki River Walk. 


Gozan's Animoto

Tamaki river walk

Deziree's Animoto

Our Fotor

13 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Punakaiki Rocks

Room 7 Film Festival 2013 from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

As  part of our study on landforms in Term 3 our school put together a production called "This Land". It was written by the talented Mrs Eeles.  Our class chose Punakaiki (The Pancake Rocks) to study for our landform.  This is the item we created for our part in the school production.  We hope you enjoy it and remember PUNAKAIKI ROCKS!!

09 November 2013

Here are some of our Photo Essays from our Tamaki River Walk on Tuesday

My photos is all about Perspective.  In other words, from big to small.

This is my presentation about frames. I have learnt how to take a good photo. One of them is fill up the whole space and get it in the right place where you want it to be. I have enjoyed learning how to make a good picture.

This is my Photo Essay about lines. I learnt that you can use the thirds grid to help you capture your main focal point in the center of your photo

These are my four pictures from our Tamaki River walk.
I chose lines because they're easy to recognise.
I also chose lines because there is more than one in the pictures.
I learnt that walking around the basin is tiring.

This is my Tamaki River photo collection.

14 October 2013

Term 3 Reflections

Term 3 Reflection By Savannah

This term I have enjoyed the school production. I enjoyed this activity because I had fun making props and playing the ukulele with my friends. Learning about landforms was new for me I learned lots about them. I am really proud of myself because I Had a great term with my friends and my teacher.

Next term I need to come to school more to learn even better.

Term 3 Reflection By Alazay

* I have enjoyed swimming the most this term
this term our school has had 6 weeks of swimming
and it was awesome.

*I enjoyed  this activity because I like to swim and it helps me to learn new thing
about  swimming.  

*I have learnt how to create new friends at my school.

* I am really proud of the learning this term it has really helped me.

* I next term my goal is to go up in my maths work and improve next term.




 I am pleased with my performance because when I was saying my part of the act I said it loud and clear. I am also proud with my performance because the instrument people had helped the dancers to keep in time with the rhythm. I am pleased with the our classes performance because their tried their best and I think they went well. Our class room still needs to work on is to be quiet when we are coming around, more energy, and to keep in time with the rhythm. To make our production look good for the audience is to give them advice like to have energy, confidence, and to have fun. My family said that it was cool and funny at the same time. We need to be quiet when the lights go down. Have respect.

Wiremu: Term 3 Reflection

I enjoyed sports the most in this term and that was unihocky.

I enjoyed blocking and defending the shots.

I also learnt about maths and reading.  I learnt about landforms in reading and fractions in maths.

I am really proud of how I danced in my

Next term I need to learn more in maths and try not to get distracted from some of my friends.

Sebastian  Term 3 Reflection
The activity that I enjoyed the most was swimming because I like learning  how to swim and having free time every second friday. I also like playing games with Miss Emma.

This term I learnt how to make a Popplet. I have done a lot of Popplets because it is now easy and I also learnt how to use clipping magic and pixlr and you can put a photo onto a picture.

I I am really proud of my school production because 
I put all my effort and energy into my class performance and th the karanga.

Next term I need to work on my basic facts so I can get 
better on XtraMath and I need to read more.

13 October 2013

Our Production

Reflection Questions by Alazay

* I am pleased with my strong actions I think I really improved.

* I am pleased with the classes performance of their energy
the classes had so much energy in them.

*   We (the dancers) need to work on giving more energy
and the actors need to work on louder voices.

Thing to remember are
* being quiet backstage

Evening Performance Night 1 Deziree

* I am pleased with my performance because I remembered to keep in time with the music.

* I am pleased that we didn’t make that much noise when going onto stage.

* I think we still need to work on not making any noise backstage.

* The actors need to stop laughing and the dancers need to show bigger actions.

*Tonight I will be in my best behavior and I will complete the worksheets and show good manners.


I did my hardest performance and I was really  happy with myself and I put heaps of energy in the performance.

I think we should speak louder so the audience at the back can hear you and everybody will be happy.

I will be quiet when i walk and put the instrument and walk to the other
side and i will be in time.

My dad told me to speak louder and sing and my dad said it was cool.

Tonight  I will try to make my behaviour better tonight.

* I was pleased with my acting because I put some some effort and expression in to it.

* I was impressed with Room 5 because of their costumes.

* We still need to work on our speed and our confidence (not to be shy.)

* I’m going to make my classes performance even better by using more expression and be a little bit loud.

* I think we need to remember is -
  • Look up and smile
  • Try to not get distracted
  • Use more expression
  • Go on and off the stage quicker
  • Don’t make a sound

Types of Rock

by Leenas

This is my 3 types of rocks I choose Metamorphic rock and Igneous rock and sedimentary rock and the igneous rock looks like glass.  By Tai and Mauriora

       By Mengchun

Mere and Ana:
This is my work about three Types Of Rocks.The thing I learnt when I was doing my Three Types of Rocks is that the Sedimentary rocks are made such as sand,clay or skeletons and the shells of the sea creatures.The Three types of Rocks are called Sedimentary, Metamorphic and also Igneous.I really enjoyed doing the Three Types of Rocks with my buddy Ana.


This is the types of Rocks they are called Igneous , Metamorphic and Sedimentary. 
One of the rocks are like punakiaki. 

This is my 3 types of rocks. I learned that these rocks was very interesting facts because some can change colors.It was so fun.

12 October 2013

Landform Definitions


How Rivers are formed;

Water rubs on the surface & breaking down of the land, causing a deepness to the land appearing, and in turn creating a river stream that moves.

A river is a huge stream of water flowing into the ocean, lake, or other body of water for example Waikato River.

By Savannah

  By Liantre


A volcano has molten rocks inside it. One example of a volcano is in White Island. The earths crust is moving in and out like a jigsaw puzzle. A volcano is an mountain or an hill that erupts out lava or magma. Hot lava and volcanic ash  and gases to escape from the magma chamber below the surface.

                                                                                                                                   In the Northwestern  Pacific Ocean people are saying that there might be a large volcano on earth, and could rival the largest in the solar system. Volcano eruptions can cause a lot of damage to a lot of people. Erupting volcanoes can pose many hazards, not only in the immediate vicinity of the eruption. Magma is molten rock within the earths crust.             You can also find a volcanos in the South island such as White Island.

This is my research about volcano's. I learnt that the earths crust is moving in and out just like a jigsaw puzzle. I had fun looking for some images and some information. The part I didn't like about it was writing it in my own words. I had fun doing some research.

By Pote

This is my Google drawing about mountains. We researched the land form we chose and we had to write the definition in our own words.  By Sebastian

Volcano By Nesi

A volcano has molten rocks inside it. One example of a volcano is in White Island. The earths crust is moving in and out like a jigsaw puzzle. A volcano is an mountain or an hill that erupts out lava or magma. Hot lava and volcanic ash  and gases to escape from the magma chamber below the surface.

                                                                                                                                   In the Northwestern  Pacific Ocean people are saying that there might be a large volcano on earth, and could rival the largest in the solar system. Volcano eruptions can cause a lot of damage to a lot of people. Erupting volcanoes can pose many hazards, not only in the immediate vicinity of the eruption. Magma is molten rock within the earths crust.             You can also find a volcanos in the South island such as White Island.

This is my research about volcano's. I learnt that the earths crust is moving in and out just like a jigsaw puzzle. I had fun looking for some images and some information. The part I didn't like about it was writing it in my own words. I had fun doing some research.

My definition of a Volcano 
by Joshua
A vent in the earth's crust through which lava, steam, and ashes are blown out is a volcano.Volcanoes are openings in the Earth’s surface. When they are active they can let ash, gas and hot magma escape in sometimes violent and spectacular eruptions.

Volcanoes are usually located where tectonic plates meet. This is especially true for the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area around the Pacific Ocean where over 75% of the volcanoes on Earth are found.

I am learning about facts and information on a volcano called White    Island. It is located in 48 km (30 mi) from the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand,in the Bay of Plenty.White Island has the honour of being New Zealand’s most continuously active volcano during the last 40 years. It is an uninhabited island about 2 km in diameter and 48 km from the coast of the Bay of Plenty. It marks the northern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone.
By Aburrahman

A Sea is a large body of salty water. A Sea may be partly or completely surrounded by land. Did you know that Oceans and Seas cover more than 71% of the Earth's surface? Wow thats a lot of water. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest Ocean in the world. The Pacific Ocean has the title as ‘Peaceful Ocean’.The Pacific Ocean alone covers 30% of the earth. This is a picture of the Pacific Ocean:

06 September 2013

Production Progress

Today we performed our production item to the school. We decided that we still had to make improvements so our item is AMAZING!

This what we need to do to make our item AMAZING:

  • look like we are having fun
  • show confidence
  • expression with our voice, face and body
  • louder voices
  • don't act shy
  • dance at the end
  • strong actions
  • keep in time with the music
We will post again next week to let you know how we are doing!

30 August 2013

Our Landform Pictures

Here are the landform pictures we made with Room 5.

Working with Room 5

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

13 August 2013

Landforms by Mengchun

Here is my Popplet brainstorm about Landforms. I learnt that most canyons have water runnng through.

Landforms by Alazay

This is my poppet it shows kind of colours the red is all about volcanoes you can see a video and what the definition is.In the grey is about the rocks and that it is apart of the landforms. In the blue is all geysers it has a video and the definition. The black is about the caves and like what is a cave. and the yellow is about mountains and did you know that they are apart of landforms. What I learnt from this session is a lot about landforms.

Landforms by Tai

Today we went on popplet. We had to write about land forms and I had good fun. We had to find a picture or a video but I chose a picture. Here is my popplet brainstorm about land forms. I learnt that volcanoes are opening in the Earth surface .

Landforms by Amato

Here is my popplet  on (Google draw) I did a brain storm about Landforms 
I learnt that there was different kind of landforms.

Landforms by Mauriora

Here is my google draw brainstorm about landforms,  I learnt that a waterfall is a steep descent of water  from a height; a cascade.

12 August 2013

Google Maps by Savannah

View Punakaiki Rocks in a larger map Room 7 is learning about Punakaiki Rocks

Google Maps by Leenas

In Room7 we have been learning about Punakaiki Rocks.Here is my Location for Punakaiki Rocks.

Google Maps by Mere

  Here is my screenshot of Punakaiki Rocks. Last week our topic taught us about Punakaiki rocks, which are located along New Zealand's West Coast.

Google Maps by Sebastian

View Punakaiki Rocks in a larger map

 This is my facts about Punakaiki(Pancake Rocks)

11 August 2013

Duffy Theatre by Christopher

On Tuesday the 29th of July 2013 Duffy Theatre people came to Panmure Bridge School and presented to us. This person here acted as alot of people. His normal name that he acted as was Scruffy. My best actor was Afi, she was funny too. When I walked in to the hall the wall which is behind this person, it was only a little wall but when it opens it is a huge wall, the wall folds open like a blanket. It was so fun there

Duffy Theatre by Gozan

Yesterday the Duffy actors came to our school to show their performance. When the whole school went in to the hall everybody was excited to see the show.It was time the school was excited to see the performance it started off with Scruffy and Duffy they were finding each other. It was funny and then it took minutes and minutes until it finished.   

Duffy Theatre by Juanita

In the hall we had to go to see a Duffy show. It was about a boy when he had a weird dream. Duffy love reading. He read to his brother a lot. He lost half of his words from this crazy man.This was a fun play the characters were  Afi Scruffy and Duffy.Thank for the great play Duffy, Afi and Scruffy.

Duffy Theatre by Shantay

On Tuesday the 30th of July, Duffy came to our school hall to perform to Panmure Bridge School about "Duffy Loses His Words". He also came a long with Scuffy (duffys brother) and Afi (duffys best friend). We saw a lot of talent from all of them and my best part of the story I liked was at the end because I won a book from Mrs Miller. It was fun! I also got chosen to go up and help Duffy spell, and I was "O" because we were spelling out POTATO. That day was my lucky day and I liked it.

25 July 2013

Howick Historical Village Trip

During the last week of term our whole school visited the Howick Historical Village because we have been learning about education in the past.
Here are some photos of us there and what we saw and learnt:

Yesterday the whole senior block went to the Howick Historical Village.
My best part was when my team and I went for a tour round the village. The houses were very old houses and the objects in the houses were unusual. The part I thought was extremely scary was when we went to school but did things the way the kids did thing back then. The teacher was very strict. After awhile the teacher told us that we had to write what was on the board on our  slate  boards using our right hand only. It said Perseverance over comes difficulties. We had to write that but it had to be exactly how it was written on the board. All the letters were linked together non stop it was very hard but I tried my best. 
I really enjoyed being at the Howick Historical Village.

By Leenas

At our trip to the Howick Historical Village I had so much fun with Mrs White because we used the slate boards and we had to link our letters. My most scary part of that day was when Mrs White got her cane. The other fun thing I think is when we were doing the activities with Mrs Hill doing double dutch and some other activities. Every thing was so awesome when we got to visit the places in the olden days. I really enjoyed the fun day.
By Mere

Yesterday we went to the Howick Historical Village, Room 7's first activity was olden day toys. The toys inside were attractive a lot! Most of the toys were made out of wood, String and glass. My favourite toy was  the peri scope.  The first activity was the best!  Well that's what I think.  I learnt that toys back in the past could be bought or could be made by yourself and by gravity.

By Sebastian

On Thursday we went to Howick Historic Village. It was fun and the best toy was the little people climbing up the rope and we had to write with the old pencils it was easy. There  lots of old toys there some toys were easy and hard.

By Tai

05 July 2013

Here are some of the modern learning environments we have designed.

Please visit our individual blogs to see more! This is my future classroom that I have designed using floor planner . My classroom has a pool room so the student's can learn to swim. Also my classroom has a little room in the left conner so if any student teacher's come to read with us they have a little room to work with us.In my room we have a game room so if the students are good and when they have finished there work the student's can have a little time in the game room.Also my classroom has classroom pets we have a fish tank we have a dog and we have a kitten they are so cute. In my classroom there is a reading room and when student's have to read for reading they can just go to the reading room and I am proud of my future classroom because
this is what I think my classroom should be. Alazay This is my dream classroom I would want in the future. I made this on floorplanner. This helps kids learn because this class has enough space for kids to learn properly, also there is a book room and computer room for kids if they need some silent time. There are also some bean bags to help the kids rest on. There is 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, I chose 2 dimensional because it's slightly better in my opinion. Anthony This is my future classroom I put a Swimming Pool in my future classroom because I think Students can learn how to swim, I also put an art area beside our classroom because I think if we have an art area in our classroom it might make a massive mess, I put an Quiet Reading Room because I think Students can actually read quietly, I also put an Music room so we can practice our music Instruments like Ukelele,Guitar,Piano,and even Drums if you would like to play Deziree This is my future classroom. It has it own working area so the teacher can work in there and it will be quiet for the teacher to work in there and there is a window so the teacher could look out the window to look at the student's if there working good. There is a art room so we could learn to make some art work for our family to look at and there is desks for the student's to work on Halatoa This is my future class that I have designed, In my class I put Desks with computers on the top of them for our digital learning. I have put a library room inside my class so that the students can learn how to read more challenging books. I have put two aquariums with fish inside so the students can learn how to look after their pets. I have put a teacher aide room for miss kelly to use for her groups. I have put a game room in my class so when you get 50 ticks you will be aloud in the game room. I have a music room inside my class for learning how to play different instruments. Mauriora

Comparing Education in the Present and Future

We looked at some clips of modern learning environments and compared them with our classroom now.  We organised our thoughts onto a Venn Diagram using Lucid Charts.  This is what we discovered:

I learned in the Future class rooms have  high chairs and  tall tables and we don't. 
By Ana
This is my Venn Diagram about present and future education. I learnt that children had more space to learn in modern learning classrooms (future).
By Leenas
                      I learnt that in the future children are allowed to move furniture around. By Sebastian
This is my Venn diagram I made on Venn Diagram.  Miss Paton taught us on Thursday.
(No wonder she made it in the e-learning academy!)  I learnt that paper is a 
similar to future education and present education.
By Anthony

I learnt that in Future Education there are lots of glass walls so there are not many wall spaces to put student's work up. By Mengchun

04 July 2013

06 June 2013

Wet Lunch Netbook Agreement

Today Room 7 discussed the safety of using our netbooks during a wet lunch time. We came up with some rules and put them into this agreement:

Wet Lunch Netbook Agreement

  • Eat my lunch first - keep food and drink away from computers
  • Finish my work first
  • Play learning games
  • Work at a desk with your netbook to keep it safe
  • Visit safe sites:
    • Cool maths games
    • Study Ladder
    • Sumdog
    • Xtramath
    • Other class blogs
    • Class Dojo
    • Anything on our class site (especially reading and maths links)
    • Typing practice
    • Google Apps
    • Tux paint
    • Blogger (posting work onto your blog)
  • Any damages (casing cracks or juice in keyboard or screen cracks) will cost your family $70
  • Don’t use your full name, address or phone numbers on public sites
  • Beware of side advertising - don’t click on the links
  • Keep emails friendly and happy (sort out problems face to face)
  • Use your camera for learning tasks only
  • NO DOWNLOADING MUSIC OR GAMES (your parents will be contacted and your netbook removed)