05 July 2013

Comparing Education in the Present and Future

We looked at some clips of modern learning environments and compared them with our classroom now.  We organised our thoughts onto a Venn Diagram using Lucid Charts.  This is what we discovered:

I learned in the Future class rooms have  high chairs and  tall tables and we don't. 
By Ana
This is my Venn Diagram about present and future education. I learnt that children had more space to learn in modern learning classrooms (future).
By Leenas
                      I learnt that in the future children are allowed to move furniture around. By Sebastian
This is my Venn diagram I made on Venn Diagram.  Miss Paton taught us on Thursday.
(No wonder she made it in the e-learning academy!)  I learnt that paper is a 
similar to future education and present education.
By Anthony

I learnt that in Future Education there are lots of glass walls so there are not many wall spaces to put student's work up. By Mengchun

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