24 February 2012

All About Samantha

I am samantha

I am 9 years old and i am a year 5

My favorite sport is netball and tennis

My school is Panmure Bridge School

I come from Tonga and Rarotonga

My favorite drink is apple juice

I love to hang out with my friends alot

All about Efaraima

Im am Efaraima

Im 10 years old im am year 6

My favourite sport is rugby and soccer.

My school is Panmure Bridge School.

I come from New Zealand.

All about me

I am Ephraim I like to play sports with my friends and my favorite drink is fresh up and I like to play games.

about me.linda

hi my name is linda i am 8 years old.I am from tonga . my favourite thing to do is read. my favourite sport is soccer. My favourite animale is a elehpant. I like the coloure is pink. like to watch HarryPoter. my favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry. i like to play hide and seek.

All about Samuel

Hi my name is Samuel,
I am 9 years old
I go to Panmure Bridge school
my favourite sport is rugby
my favourite color is orange
my favourite food is sushi
i love to eat fruit
I like to play the x-box
my favourite ice cream strawberry
my favourite drink is coke
my favourite movie is toy story
my favourite thing to read is cool things
I like a dog as a pet

and thats the first story of Samuel .

Room 7 2012

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23 February 2012

my weeekend

On the weekend my uncle and i went to the wharf . We rode our bikes there fast as . We stayed there for for hours we did high bombs and swam . We got picked up from my aunty rangi we put our bikes in the car. She droped me off home . And i went tosleep straight away

baseball:by Puke

On Monday the 20th of Febuary room 7 went to the bottom field to learn about baseball . The name of the person that was teaching us was matt he wasn't from New Zealand he was from Canada . Matt taught us tips like throwing and catching . Then Matt told us who knows all the positions of baseball then Kobe shouted me they were catcher , pitcher , 1st base , 2nd base , 3rd base , short stop , left field , right field ¢re field . We learnt some more games then packed up and went back to class . Later on the bell rang for lunch.

22 February 2012

Hi im savannah
I am 9 years old
I like to play netball
My favorite colours are purple blue sun green pink and red
I like to eat lots of stawberrys...
my favorite pet is cats and dogs
i favorite like to drink coke
i like to watch the smurfs!
i love to read the bfg the smarfs and go
ice cream starwberry
i like to play sims x-box
my favorite computer game pizap and smurfs and co
my friends anr kapri yvette fine rose kyra

by savannah

All about Anthony

Hi my name is Anthony I am 9 years old
and I am from Tonga but I was born in New Zealand
on 2002,I have six people in my family.
My favourite food is pizza & my favourite
drink is lift,and my favourite desert is rocky road.
My favourite sport is NFL
my favourite place to go is the skytower,
& my favourite rapper is D.M.X

& thats all about me.

All about Kapri

Hi my name is kapri,
I am 10 years old,
I like to play soccer,
my favorite color is blue,
my favorite food is kfc,
I like to eat fruit,
my favorite animal is a puppy,
my favorite game is the x-box,
my favorite drink is diet coke,
I like to watch the smurfs,
I like read the smurf and go,
my favorite ice cream is chocolate,
my favorite computer game is Pizap and the smurfs and co,
my friends are Isabella Savannah Jhardae and heaps of other people,

and thats all from me Kapri

all about Patrick

Hi my name is Patrick,
Im 9 years old ,
I go to panmure bridge school,
I was born in kiribati,
my favorite sports are rugby, hockey ,league and soccer,
my favorite food is Mc Donalds ,
my favorite drink is fanta,
my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip,
my favorite thing to do is play playstation,
my favorite place to visit is my uncles ship,
and thats all about Patrick.

all about mauriora

Hi my name is mauriora,
Im 9 years old,
I was born in new zealand,
My favorite sport is rugby, touch, league and soccer,
the things i like to do at school is learning,
my favorite food is kFC,
my favorite drink is rasberry,
my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream,
and thats all about me.

21 February 2012

All About Ephraim

Hi my name is Ephraim and I am ten years old,
I go to panmure bridge school ,
My principle is awesome,
I was born in Australia,
My favorite sports are rugby, t ball and softball,
My favorite drink is Powerade,
My favorite food is Wendys,
My friends are Puke ,Efaraima ,kevin ,Faitele, Anthony.


Hi my name is Dontalian.
I was born in New Zealand.
My favourite sport is rugby.
My favourite animal lion.
I like drinking coca cola.
I like playing xbox 360 games.
I am 9.
My favourite colour is black.


Hi my name is yvette.I was born in new zealand. I am interested in tea ball.I am 8 years old.My favourite game is monopoly. I like drinking lots of juice. I like reading all kinds of books.My favourite food is noodles.I love vannila ice creams.My favourite sport is golf. The colour i love to use is yellow.My favourite animal is a horse.The best times i have with my family is when we go on holidays to differant places.

17 February 2012


Hi my name is Faitele and I like to play rugby and softball
I am 10 years old and I am from samoa my favorite subject
in school is spelling.

all about mengchun

Hi! My name is mengchun,I came from China,I am a girl.I am 9 years old,I was intrested about art,I like to do art in school with my friends.I like to go to KFC and McDonlds.My favorite color is blue,yellow and light pink.My favorite sport is hokey.

15 February 2012


Hi my name is Chloe and I'm from new zealand and I'm 10 years old. I'm Interested in my job at school and what i like about school is art and focusing in class.


Hi my name is jhardae i am 8 years old i am from panmure bridge school i am intrested in sports and swimming what i like about school is that i like doing maths reading and art

All about me

Hi my name is Lavinia i am 9 years old i am from Panmure bridge school i am intrested in cooking and swimming what i like about school is learning my classroom and my teacher.


Hi my name is Leenas i am 9 years old and I am from New Zealand .
I am interested in art because i like to draw. My favourite subject is maths because its fun. My favourite movie is happy feet 2 because the songs sound good. My favourite sports to play is Touch,Vollyball,Netball,Softball and Teaball. I like vanila and chocolate ice scream. I love the colour purple. My favourite animal is a tiger. The best time i had with my family is when we went to the beach.


Hi my name is Kobe and i am 9 years old. I am from Auckland,New Zealand i am intrested in NFL my favorite subject is sports.

all about Puke

Hi my name is Puke i am ten years old,
i come from Panmure bridge school ,
i was born in new zealand,
Im interested in football rugby and soccer,
The things that i like doing at school are learning and playing sport ,
my favorite food is burger king,
my favorite drink is coke ,
my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream, and thats all about me.