29 November 2013

Alazay's Animoto

We made an animoto from our friend's photo essays from the Tamaki River Walk. 


Gozan's Animoto

Tamaki river walk

Deziree's Animoto

Our Fotor

13 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Punakaiki Rocks

Room 7 Film Festival 2013 from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

As  part of our study on landforms in Term 3 our school put together a production called "This Land". It was written by the talented Mrs Eeles.  Our class chose Punakaiki (The Pancake Rocks) to study for our landform.  This is the item we created for our part in the school production.  We hope you enjoy it and remember PUNAKAIKI ROCKS!!

09 November 2013

Here are some of our Photo Essays from our Tamaki River Walk on Tuesday

My photos is all about Perspective.  In other words, from big to small.

This is my presentation about frames. I have learnt how to take a good photo. One of them is fill up the whole space and get it in the right place where you want it to be. I have enjoyed learning how to make a good picture.

This is my Photo Essay about lines. I learnt that you can use the thirds grid to help you capture your main focal point in the center of your photo

These are my four pictures from our Tamaki River walk.
I chose lines because they're easy to recognise.
I also chose lines because there is more than one in the pictures.
I learnt that walking around the basin is tiring.

This is my Tamaki River photo collection.