13 December 2012

04 December 2012

Ingrid Banwell Art 1

We looked at the work of NZ artist Ingrid Banwell, and came up with these fabulous crayon and dye artworks.

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27 April 2012


By Leenas

Up Up and Away

By Chloe

05 April 2012

Outcomes of Bullying

Outcomes of Bullying

If you get bullied you need to tell a teacher or a grown up person and they will get a graling. lf you are a bully you need to quit being one and be respectful to others. If you are getting bullied that person would feel sad,not happy,angry,and in barising.

lf you are getting bullied by someone not leting you play a game anywere like at school or at home you can tell your mum or dad but if your at school you can tell your friends or a teacher or even anyone around you.

If you bully one another that means that you are not very nice person so that is why you end up with no friends and will be very lonely and then you know not to be a bully again and will be nice again .

Instructions to Make Jelly

1 cup of boiling water.
1 cup of cold water.
1 packet of jelly.
one spoon
one bowl
one cup


1. Wash your hands before we make our jelly.

2. Wash the bowl and the cup and spoons.

3. We put the jelly crystals in a bowl.

4 Add a cup of boiling water in the bowl.

5. Stir the crystals until they are gone.

6. Add cold water

7. Put the jelly in different cups and put in fridge.

6 When the jelly is ready and eat and enjoy it!``

How to Make Jelly

Making Jelly

  1. Packet
  2. 1 cup of hot water.
  3. 1 cup of cold water.

Equipment needed
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • cups

  1. Wash your hands.
  1. Put the Jelly in the bowl.
  1. Add 1 cup of hot water.
  1. Then we add 1 cup of cold water.
  1. Share the jelly in 4 different cups.
  1. Put the jelly in the fridge for an hour.
  1. When it has set. Eat it with a spoon.of Jelly.

The Outcomes of Bullying

Outcomes of Bullying

If your getting bullied you can tell the teacher or a parent. If a person getting bullied you can help them by helping them or supporting them. If you are getting bullied by a bully just ignore or shut your ears so the bully can stop it.

Yvette's Outcomes of Bullying

They would feel worried that the person that bullied them might do it again.

They would feel angry, unhappy, sad, lonely, left out
They would feel hurt, shocked, frightened and terrified.


Outcomes of Bullying

If someone is being bullied, they would feel: sad, embarrassed and very uncomfortable. Go to tell a teacher or adult who is bullying you.
Ignored them if they said something bad. Don’t say it back because
if you do you’re bullying someone too. Be nice to other people.


Ko Pahnwee taku ingoa
Ko Cho toku ingoa whanau
Ko Micho toku whaea
Ko Mt Wellington te maunga
Ko tamaki te awa
Ko panmure bridge toku kura
Ko Mr Johnston te tumuaki
Ko Miss Sayers toku kaiako
Ko Anthony toku hoa
He pango toku makawe
He parauri oku whatu

Outcomes of Bullying

Outcomes of Bullying

They would feel sad. They would feel angry. They would feel embarrassed.

27 March 2012

All About Me...Lavinia

All about me!

Hi my name is Lavinia and i am 9 years old and I am from New Zealand I have three people in my family. Mum, my Dad and me and sometimes I visit my aunty and uncle they live in Manukau I have a cousin called Qayd and he has lots of stuff. Have another aunty uncle and my cousin gets to go to Wellington and his job is doing constructing and my grandmother’s name is Emily. My family but not my grandmother are going to Totara park in Manukau and we get to have a picnic and get to go for a hike and a swim. The pool was huge even my cousin couldn’t touch the bottom so we played a game and you have to get a 10 cent coin and you have to drop it and you have to get and whoever gets it gets to throw it next time and every time I had to get it i had to swim up and take a deep breath. Sometimes I could take it and i had my goggles so it was easy for me to see and we brought a little BBQ and we cooked some steaks and chickens and had some chocolates and I had a fun day. The End :)

Dr Ben Carson Trip

On Tuesday, R6 and R7 went to watch a doctor called Ben Carson, he is a very famous doctor. We went on the bus excitedly.

Yay! We were suddenly there! I looked at the hall it was like an elephant with spikes on its back. We sat on the grass. We waited and waited, we nearly waited for one hour! Suddenly we went into the hall. There are so many schools in the hall, I was more excited.

Someone came up the stage, I thought he was Ben Carson. Then Ben Carson came up the stage ,’’Hi do you know who I am?...’’
I think it’s boring but I still need to listen. Then he told us why he reads. He said when he was 9 years old his mum let him chose two books from the library each week and read it at home every week.

1 hour later, we walked out. We were given an apple and a drink, we go back to school.

Though this trip was a little bit boring, but I still like my apple and drink.

The Funky Body

It all began on a Important Tuesday at the building of Telstra Clear Dome where other schools near by came because it was a special day we were told by our teachers that there were going to a cool place and other kids would be there, hearing Dr. Ben Carson speak on a speaker and show some interesting facts about the human body like: Blood Cells, also Ribs the Brain and much more. While he was talking I thought that wonderful things to boys/girls to kept them alive also good health. I am so lucky that I have, got good health. Did you Dr. Ben Carson say that he used nurses to help cut two baby’s heads that were connected to each other. The head was cut within 24 hours and without serious damage to their brain after Doctor Ben Carson was finished talking about his fantastic amazing facts he gave every single kid there a free Up and Go and an apple.
I Kyra wants to thank you MainFreight and other companies around the world so, thank you for letting me and other schools have an awesome experience day out. The End:)

Mihi - Christopher

Ko Christopher toku ingoa.

Ko Lalifa toku ingoa whanau.

Ko Michel toku koro.

Ko Maleta toku kuia.

Ko Miss Sayers toku kaiako.

Ko Mr Johnston te tumuaki.

Ko pango toku makawe.

Ko Anthony toku hoa.

Ko Ana toku whaea.

Ko Ta-Liu toku matua.

Ko Panmure Bridge toku kura.

Ko pango toku mokai.

Ko Mt Wellington te maunga.

Ko Tamaki te awa

Ben Carson Trip

On Tuesday some schools went to see Ben Carson at the Manukau stadium. Wen the schools went in the stadium this man told us the Dr Ben Carson was a Dr of brain surgery . when he was in 5th grad he was anger manumits temper . When someone bump in to him he will punch the boy or girl. When he was older he was sudeing rocks. The next day the since teacher ask about this whit rock but no one areed the teachers qusoned but Docter Ben Carosn put up his hand and said the ansed the teachers qustorns. when he got older he be came a brain sargien then his ha d made ti to collge and gradead and when we came back we to the bus end. `By Bradley.


Ko Abdurrahman toku ingoa.
Ko Aleem taku ingoa whanau.
E iwa oku tau.
Ko Aleem taku matua.
Ko Naseba taku whaea.
Ko Fahim toku koro.
Ko Moon toku kuia.
Ko Mt wellington te maunga.
Ko tamaki te awa.
Ko Panmure bridge toku kora.
Ko Miss Sayers toku kaiako.
Ko Mr Johnston toku tumuaki.
No New Zealand ahou.
He black oku whatua.
Ko Jacob taku hao.


Ko Samantha toku ingoa
Ko Manu toku ingoa whanau
E iwa oku tau
Ko ioane toku matua
Ko vaine toku whaea
Ko tevita raua ko nia oku koro
Ko nava raua ko lima oku kuia
Ko Mt Wellington te maunga
Ko tamaki te awa
Ko Panmure Bridge toku kura
He parauri oku whatu
He pango toku makawe
Ko Kapri toku hoa
Ko Mr Johnston te tumuaki
Ko Miss Sayers toku kaiako



Ko Leenas toku ingoa
Ko Fotu-Moala toku ingoa whanau
E iwa oku tau
Ko Solo toku matua
Ko Marie toku whaea
Ko Sione raua ko Siolo oku koro
Ko Mele raua ko Mata oku kuia
No New Zealand ahau
Ko Mt Wellington te Maunga
He Parauri oku whatu
He Parauri toku makawe
Ko Fluffy toku makai
ko Angel toku hoa


Ko Anthony toku ingoa
Ko Tuimana toku ingoa whanau
E iwa oku tau
Ko Vea toku matua
Ko Salote whaea
Ko Teau raua ko Paula ko Teau koro
Ko Line Latu raua ko Mani oku kuia
Ko Mt Wellington te maunga
Ko Tamaki te awa
Ko Panmure Bridge toku kura
Ko Miss Sayers toku kaiako
Ko Mr Johnston te tumuaki
No Tonga ahau

15 March 2012

All about Christopher

Hi my name is Christopher and I go to Panmure Bridge School.
I am 9 years old, my birthday is in August the 14th.
I like to play sports my favourite sport is rugby.
My favourite drink and food is K.F.C and my drink is Fanta.
I have lots of friends their names are Rangi, Anthony, Jordan, Amato and Patrick. I like to eat choclate chip ice-cream. I like to play games on PSP, x-box-360 and playstaion-3.
I like swimming at the pools in Panmure. I like to listen to music at home. I like to watch movies at home too. My favourite movies are horror movies. I like to climb trees. I have 8 people in my family and I like to watch the warriors on T.V with my dad, uncle and my aunty.

12 March 2012

Ben Carson trip

on tuesday Room 7 & 5 and 6 went to Ben Carson trip. It took ages to get there i got tired and almost fall asleep. When we got

we got there in a bus we got out and lined up into our teams. Then we walked and sat on the grass. Then we waited for the

group to get out and we went in there it had heaps of shade and space. Then we sat down in the chairs and waited for someone

to get on the stage. Then this man came up and he was really funny he said to this girl hi and he said she has big juju lips,big

blond hair,big goggly eyes and he said can I read your book and she cried for 24 hours, and 24 minuets, 4 days, and 10 sec.

Then this movie about Ben carson and he was fighting when he was little. And Ben carson came up and he was talking for long .

When he was finished we lined up and we walked to the police men and he gave us some up and go and a apple. Then

Samuel thrower an apple out and just drink his drink. Then we lined up and went on the bus and drove all the way to school.

When we got there we ate our lunch and played on the playground we wont suppose to then Mr . Johnston ring the bell the

bell and we went to class and did our tapa.

Dr . Ben Carson Trip : by Puke

Yahoo !!!!! On Tuesday the 6Th of March 2012 the classes 5,6 and 7 from Panmure Bridge School went on a trip called the
Dr . Ben Carson trip. We had a reliever named Mr Platt .A while later we walked down to the drive way and saw a bendy bus and we were all like yeah !!!! We have a bendy bus , so all of the classes walked slowly as sloths and about 15 minutes room 6 started to sing songs and man it sounds flat . Room 7 were the first class to notice it and said " yeah were finally there " , We never knew it was at Telstra Clear Stadium. Room 6 was the 1st class in out of all the schools and from PBS . Then We Sang the Duffy song . A man name Henry he told us how he first got into reading , he said '' I got into reading when i was 12. We sang the Duffy song 1 more time the Henry showed us a video of Dr . Ben Carson and all the schools were shouting and screaming. Henry finally announced Dr . Ben Carson ,He was talking about his life and of his life as a Dr. When it was over , We got given free Up & go's and apples then got picked up on the bus went back to school and had lunch.

Dr Ben Carson trip : by patrick

Weepy Hooray on Tuesday the 6th of March room 5,6 and 7 went to the Dr Ben Carson trip. Henry Dr Ben Carson's friend told us a story about how him and Dr Ben Carson got into reading but first he told a funny story. It was about a girl with big long blond hair,big juju lips,big brown eyes and big black eyebrows. After that we all got excited cause Dr Ben Carson get to go out and talk
to us. But first we sang the duffy song before he comes out. After that we had lunch, for lunch we had up and go and a apple then we was on our way back to school. That was one intresting trip about Dr Ben Carsons trip.

09 March 2012

The Dr ben carson trip

Yesterday in the morning Rooms 7,5 and 6 went to watch a person named Dr Ben Carson.He is a doctor.He's also known as the first person to seperate two twins heads joined together and have them survive. When we got there we had to sit outside for a little while and then we went inside to see Dr ben carson first we had a song . Called the duffy song. And then this man named henry he's the one that talked to us first. He was funny.

By Jhardae

Doctor Ben Carson

On Tuesday Room 5 6 & 7 went to telstra clear in manukau so we saw doctor ben then this guy came and talk all about the girl and he said to her that she
has big eyes & big as! Juju lips & beautiful hair and he went their to her and said can I read your book and the girl cry for 24 hours 20 days 20 minutes and 10 seconds then we saw a video about Doctor Ben Carson fighting then the video finished and this guy came and turned on the duffy song then it was all finished

Doctor Ben Carson

Yesterday the 6th of march room 5 6 and 7 caught the bus to manakau to see Doctor Ben Carson and this other man. There was heaps of other schools there to our school was called Panmure Bridge School. our teacher was called M.r Platt.
He was talking about heaps and funny stuff. When they finished talking it was crowded with schools. When we all
were walking out of the door we all got a free energizer and a apple. Then we walked out of the door and ate our
energizer on the bus and went back to school THE END.

08 March 2012


On the weekends my Mum and I woke up at 6pm to watch the Hurricanes vs Lions in on the TV. At last the game has started the Hurricanes start off. On the first half the Hurricanes lead off 14 to 9. In the second half is about to start, the Lions score two tries and the Hurricanes score two tries and the Lions get two penalties. The score is 27 to 29 to the Lions and 5 minutes to go. Two minutes to go and the Hurricanes get a penalty they get over and win.

02 March 2012

24 February 2012

All About Samantha

I am samantha

I am 9 years old and i am a year 5

My favorite sport is netball and tennis

My school is Panmure Bridge School

I come from Tonga and Rarotonga

My favorite drink is apple juice

I love to hang out with my friends alot

All about Efaraima

Im am Efaraima

Im 10 years old im am year 6

My favourite sport is rugby and soccer.

My school is Panmure Bridge School.

I come from New Zealand.

All about me

I am Ephraim I like to play sports with my friends and my favorite drink is fresh up and I like to play games.

about me.linda

hi my name is linda i am 8 years old.I am from tonga . my favourite thing to do is read. my favourite sport is soccer. My favourite animale is a elehpant. I like the coloure is pink. like to watch HarryPoter. my favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry. i like to play hide and seek.

All about Samuel

Hi my name is Samuel,
I am 9 years old
I go to Panmure Bridge school
my favourite sport is rugby
my favourite color is orange
my favourite food is sushi
i love to eat fruit
I like to play the x-box
my favourite ice cream strawberry
my favourite drink is coke
my favourite movie is toy story
my favourite thing to read is cool things
I like a dog as a pet

and thats the first story of Samuel .

Room 7 2012

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23 February 2012

my weeekend

On the weekend my uncle and i went to the wharf . We rode our bikes there fast as . We stayed there for for hours we did high bombs and swam . We got picked up from my aunty rangi we put our bikes in the car. She droped me off home . And i went tosleep straight away

baseball:by Puke

On Monday the 20th of Febuary room 7 went to the bottom field to learn about baseball . The name of the person that was teaching us was matt he wasn't from New Zealand he was from Canada . Matt taught us tips like throwing and catching . Then Matt told us who knows all the positions of baseball then Kobe shouted me they were catcher , pitcher , 1st base , 2nd base , 3rd base , short stop , left field , right field ¢re field . We learnt some more games then packed up and went back to class . Later on the bell rang for lunch.

22 February 2012

Hi im savannah
I am 9 years old
I like to play netball
My favorite colours are purple blue sun green pink and red
I like to eat lots of stawberrys...
my favorite pet is cats and dogs
i favorite like to drink coke
i like to watch the smurfs!
i love to read the bfg the smarfs and go
ice cream starwberry
i like to play sims x-box
my favorite computer game pizap and smurfs and co
my friends anr kapri yvette fine rose kyra

by savannah

All about Anthony

Hi my name is Anthony I am 9 years old
and I am from Tonga but I was born in New Zealand
on 2002,I have six people in my family.
My favourite food is pizza & my favourite
drink is lift,and my favourite desert is rocky road.
My favourite sport is NFL
my favourite place to go is the skytower,
& my favourite rapper is D.M.X

& thats all about me.

All about Kapri

Hi my name is kapri,
I am 10 years old,
I like to play soccer,
my favorite color is blue,
my favorite food is kfc,
I like to eat fruit,
my favorite animal is a puppy,
my favorite game is the x-box,
my favorite drink is diet coke,
I like to watch the smurfs,
I like read the smurf and go,
my favorite ice cream is chocolate,
my favorite computer game is Pizap and the smurfs and co,
my friends are Isabella Savannah Jhardae and heaps of other people,

and thats all from me Kapri

all about Patrick

Hi my name is Patrick,
Im 9 years old ,
I go to panmure bridge school,
I was born in kiribati,
my favorite sports are rugby, hockey ,league and soccer,
my favorite food is Mc Donalds ,
my favorite drink is fanta,
my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip,
my favorite thing to do is play playstation,
my favorite place to visit is my uncles ship,
and thats all about Patrick.

all about mauriora

Hi my name is mauriora,
Im 9 years old,
I was born in new zealand,
My favorite sport is rugby, touch, league and soccer,
the things i like to do at school is learning,
my favorite food is kFC,
my favorite drink is rasberry,
my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream,
and thats all about me.

21 February 2012

All About Ephraim

Hi my name is Ephraim and I am ten years old,
I go to panmure bridge school ,
My principle is awesome,
I was born in Australia,
My favorite sports are rugby, t ball and softball,
My favorite drink is Powerade,
My favorite food is Wendys,
My friends are Puke ,Efaraima ,kevin ,Faitele, Anthony.


Hi my name is Dontalian.
I was born in New Zealand.
My favourite sport is rugby.
My favourite animal lion.
I like drinking coca cola.
I like playing xbox 360 games.
I am 9.
My favourite colour is black.


Hi my name is yvette.I was born in new zealand. I am interested in tea ball.I am 8 years old.My favourite game is monopoly. I like drinking lots of juice. I like reading all kinds of books.My favourite food is noodles.I love vannila ice creams.My favourite sport is golf. The colour i love to use is yellow.My favourite animal is a horse.The best times i have with my family is when we go on holidays to differant places.

17 February 2012


Hi my name is Faitele and I like to play rugby and softball
I am 10 years old and I am from samoa my favorite subject
in school is spelling.

all about mengchun

Hi! My name is mengchun,I came from China,I am a girl.I am 9 years old,I was intrested about art,I like to do art in school with my friends.I like to go to KFC and McDonlds.My favorite color is blue,yellow and light pink.My favorite sport is hokey.

15 February 2012


Hi my name is Chloe and I'm from new zealand and I'm 10 years old. I'm Interested in my job at school and what i like about school is art and focusing in class.


Hi my name is jhardae i am 8 years old i am from panmure bridge school i am intrested in sports and swimming what i like about school is that i like doing maths reading and art

All about me

Hi my name is Lavinia i am 9 years old i am from Panmure bridge school i am intrested in cooking and swimming what i like about school is learning my classroom and my teacher.


Hi my name is Leenas i am 9 years old and I am from New Zealand .
I am interested in art because i like to draw. My favourite subject is maths because its fun. My favourite movie is happy feet 2 because the songs sound good. My favourite sports to play is Touch,Vollyball,Netball,Softball and Teaball. I like vanila and chocolate ice scream. I love the colour purple. My favourite animal is a tiger. The best time i had with my family is when we went to the beach.


Hi my name is Kobe and i am 9 years old. I am from Auckland,New Zealand i am intrested in NFL my favorite subject is sports.

all about Puke

Hi my name is Puke i am ten years old,
i come from Panmure bridge school ,
i was born in new zealand,
Im interested in football rugby and soccer,
The things that i like doing at school are learning and playing sport ,
my favorite food is burger king,
my favorite drink is coke ,
my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream, and thats all about me.