24 November 2011

08 November 2011

Zinzan Brooke Biography

By Savannah and Samantha

13 July 2011

Rose's Bio poem

First name Rose
3 words that describe you beautiful,nice, brainy
lover of brothers, sisters,Mum and Dad.
who is able to fight an alien.
who feels happy,angry,thankful, awesome.
who wonders if I'm going to Australlia.
who fears that we may be destroying our own planet.
who would like to travel on a train.
who dreams about waking up and going to school.

Caitlin's Bio Poem

Colourful, helpful, amazing.
Lover of drawing,puppies.
Who is able to skydive.

Who feels warm inside when the sun is shining.
Who wonders if the world could fly.
Who fears earthquakes.
Who would like to bake.
Who dreams of being a millionaire

Rangi's Bio Poem

Athletic, hungry, sleeping.
Lover of rugby.
Who is able to fly.
Who feels hungry.
Who wonders to fly.
Who fears falling off the sky tower.
Who would like to fly high up in the sky.
Who dreams of having super powers.

Jordan's Bio Poem

Hungry, skinny and fast.
Lover of chocolate, food and snacks.
Who is able to be good at writing.
Who feels he could be the first person to go to Jupiter.
Who wonders if I can feel good, be rich and fly.
Who fears earthquakes.
Who would like to to be rich and be invisible.
Who dreams that it was the end of the week.

My Bio Poem

Oh S'mar
Brainy, skinny and fast.
Lover of x-box 360 game.
Who is able to do aback flip.
Who feels brainy and nice.
Who wonders if my dad could fly.
Who fears pain.
Who would like to be a millionaire.
Who dreams to be powerful.

12 July 2011

Fine's Bio Poem

Thankful, kind and friendly.
Lover of movies, art, sports and food.
Who is able to defend you in times of trouble.
Who feels happy when everyone is playful and cheerful.
Who wonders if she will have a good job in the future.
Who fears spiders, alligators, ghosts and some insects.
Who would like to help people in need of food, clothes and water.
Who dreams that some girls and boys at her school will get along.

My Bio Poem


Kind, awesome and smart.

Money, food and prizes.

Who is able to go shopping.

Who fears sharks and yucky spiders.

Who wonders if my brother is going to come back from Christchurch.

Who feels happy, friendly and hungry.

Who would like to travel the world.

Who dreams of being a mermaid with magic powers and a millionaire.

06 May 2011


Who can write 321 in Maori?

04 May 2011

my hoilday

In the holiday i was going to the park I like when i went on the monkey bars I have fun at the park.

By Amato

My Holiday

On the holiday's I went to the beach and I had a lot of fun and I ate a lot of food


My Holiday

My Holiday

The best part of my holiday was when i went to a place called Extream Entertainment. The next holiday I want to go to my culture kiribati. During the holidays I didn't like it when I didn't went to Extream Entertainment because it was close.

From: Patrick


When we played at my aunty's house it was
cool because we played on the xbox conect and we played sonic .

by creedence


Class gets time with a Warrior for story win

SUCCESS: Vodafone Warrior Jerome Ropati visited Panmure Bridge School room 7 to congratulate them on being one of eight Auckland schools selected to take part in the Konica Minolta League in Libraries programme.
WINNER: Vodafone Warrior Jerome Ropati signs a Warriors shirt for Panmure Bridge School student Khodaysa Rajabi, 8, after she won a short story writing competition with the League for Libraries programme

Eight-year-old Khodaysa Rajabi had never heard of the Vodafone Warriors before she moved to Auckland.

But the Panmure Bridge School student's short story about a young boy's discovery of rugby league was the standout story in the League for Libraries programme.

It won her a signed Vodafone Warriors shirt – and player Jerome Ropati gave it to her himself.

Mr Ropati visited an unsuspecting room 7 on April 14 to congratulate them on being one of eight Auckland schools selected to take part in the Konica Minolta League in Libraries programme.

An excited and attentive class listened as he reiterated the importance of reading and writing no matter what career path you choose.

"The stories this year were all really good, a lot of thought and heart was put into each one," he says.

"One of the most important aspects of my job is reading and writing for game plans, schedules and even nutrition and diet plans," he says.

"Reading and writing is a valuable life skill to learn and enjoy for your future and chosen career."

The League for Libraries initiative invited years 4 and 5 students from Auckland to put pen to paper and write an illustrated short story or poem that creatively included their favourite Vodafone Warriors player.

Khodaysa's story was selected from 350 entries.

It tells of a young boy called Steve Price and his discovery of rugby league after he couldn't watch his favourite game – basketball – on television. He and his friends Simon, Stacey, Sam and Manu secretly join a rugby league team and come to love the game.

Khodaysa was inspired by her personal interest in basketball. The year 5 student is new to the school after recently moving from Christchurch.

Mr Ropati also presented room 7 with a signed poster and tickets to a home game.

East And Bays Courier

My Holiday

The best part of my holiday was,when my family went to my cousin's house,first we played.We played rugby league it was really hard?after we went back inside to eat.

By Anthony.

My Holiday

My parents were spending the night with me . and tickling me that was fun and let me help them do the dishes and the boy,s did a stinky so i had to change them. by jovhan

my Holiday

when I went on the rollercostar at rainbows end. It was fun.
by oh'smar

My holidays

The best part of my holidays was going to the pools and going to the movies with my own cousin's and my own family.

By Rose.

My holiday

I played on x-box 360 slim with my cousin and we played zombie killing then we went onto the computer and went on skype then went back to my anuties and played psp.

my Holiday

At the pools me and Teina was playing tinge. by liantre

A Special Day.

I went to Paraki pools last Tuesday.I went there with my friends.We had so much fun.

by Samantha.

My holidays



my holiday

When I went to rainbows end I had lots of fun because I went on the rides . by steven

My Holiday

The best part of my holiday was going to Waiwera and swimming there with my family by Yvette

03 May 2011


I got to play my x-box and play station. by Corey

02 May 2011

My best hoilday

The best part of my holiday was when i got 50 dollars . I was meant to go home on Sunday, but i went home on Monday instead because my aunty was drinking
by Pace

my Holiday

The best part of my holiday was when i went to my grandpa's. House i went to church and i played with my friend tiana.

my best holiday

The best part of my holiday was when I went to rainbow end at night for my sister and me to have fun. by savannah

my holiday

The best part of my holidays was going to wellington to go down the hill.It was fun because we get to go for a walk down the hill.
By Jordan


The best part of my Holidays was when my family cooked some food
for me because I done a himi for my whole church on White Sunday.
The best part of my holiday was going on the hydroslide at paraki and swimming talking at the bus and splashing and diving

by Germaine

My holidays

The best part of my holiday was going to the Art station with Dunkirk holiday programe.

by Caitlin
The best part of my holiday was
when my family went to the movies.
We watched fast 2 furious.

by leenas

The Favourite Part of my Holiday

The best part of my holiday was when I went to the movies with my cousins that came from Hastings,we watched Hop.

By Angel

My Holiday

The best part of my holiday was when I went to One Tree Hill.I went up a small hill and ran back down.After we ate kebab.
By Mohammad
The best part of my holiday was when I went to a restaurant it was called lonestar .It was yum we had dinner then dessert there were fireworks after that I went home.


The best part of my holiday was when
me and my friend were running up the
hill and going down with our bottoms
at one tree hill park.

by khodaysa rajabi

14 April 2011

League in Libraries - Short Story Competition for Primary Schools


Well done Room 7 for all your hard work and creative writing. Four weeks ago all Room 7 children worked hard to write and illustrate a short story incorporating their favourite Vodafone Warriors Player.

Not only did our class win some amazing priz
es, Khodaysa had the overall best story and was so lucky to be given a Vodafone Warriors Jersey signed by JEROME ROPATI!

We were all so excited to have Jerome Ropati along with Representatives from Konica Minolta visit our class and present us with our wonderful prizes.

Well done Room 7. Miss Sayers is very proud of you all :-)

For the fourth successive year, reading is top on the Warriors’ ‘cool list’ with the Konica Minolta League in Libraries initiative. The League in Libraries principle is that if the Vodafone Warriors say reading is cool, their fans will think so too.
High on many kids’ wish lists is a chance to meet their favourite rugby league stars. To get this opportunity, children are asked to put pen to paper to write an illustrated short story or poem that creatively incorporates their favourite Vodafone Warriors player.

The best classroom entries will be judged by Konica Minolta as well as Vodafone Warriors NRL Reading Captain Jerome Ropati. There will be two winning schools from each of the four geographic regions within Auckland. The winning school will be invited to join the Vodafone Warriors players at a local library for the League in Libraries afternoon. Schools will also be assisted by Konica Minolta to transport the students to the library.

One overall winner will be selected and as a special reward, the child’s class will receive a surprise visit by a Vodafone Warriors player to announce their achievement and present them with a signed Vodafone Warriors jersey. All eight winning classes will receive tickets to a Vodafone Warriors home game following their library visit and a laminated poster signed by Vodafone Warrior Jerome Ropati to hang in their classroom.

12 April 2011

What we think about Baseball

This is what Samantha and Yvette think of Baseball with Cola.

All of the class has had so much fun. We hope we can do it all again next year!

Run Rooney Run!!!

Check out how fast Rooney runs to first base after whacking the ball!

I bet you would all like to have Rooney on your team.

11 April 2011

Hi my name is Amato.I go to Panmure Bridge School.

Deziree ,Lavinia and me(Rooney) use teamwork to build a sandcastle.

06 April 2011

0Wow Amato and anthony and robert nice sandcastle I like it I wish I can make 1

Monday's child

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the
Sabbath day
is bonny and blithe,good and gay.


29 March 2011

Caitlin Reading

Caitlin and Jharda'e had heaps of fun using the flip cam to tape each other reading a picture book from the library. We hope you enjoy.

25 March 2011

Hi my name is Rose I like School.

eastern beach

This girl is called Caitlin . She loves picnics and swimming. by Fine

24 March 2011

Months of the year

Thirty days has September,
April June and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February,
which has twenty-eight
(most of the time),
But in leap year has twenty-nine.

In Room 7 we are learning this poem to help us remember how many days are in each month.

typed by Khodaysa Rajabi

Hi my name is Liantre and this is my first term back at school.by Liantre
You look like a gangststa. From Yvette.
This is Rangi and Ephraim at Eastern beach. They are taking pictures.By Jordan

Leenas bus

Look at Germaine she has a great smile.

By Leenas.

Teina and Samantha

This is Teina and Sam on the tree playing and taking a picture.

From Sam

Miss Sayers.

This is our teacher Miss Sayers shes a wonderful teacher
By Germaine.

Alazay and Caitin

Hi Caitlin and Alazay you have really great smiles.

From Lavinia

23 March 2011

Swimming Fun

Check out our class swimming at the Lagoon Pools in Panmure.

22 March 2011

eastern beach picinic

It was fun at eastern beach picinic we had a competition. Of treasure hunt and who did the best sandcastle.By Jhardae


That was freezing, kind of but it was fun but it was really salty and it burned my throat.
By Anthony.

Inise left school

Inise left our school two weeks ago.People miss Inise because she went to Taranaki to go to another school.

by Angel


Room 7 had fun building sandcastles.
By Caitlin

11 March 2011

My Eastern Beach Day

Hi my name is Ephraim, I enjoyed the picnic at Eastern Beach. I went swimming in the sea. My favourite part of the day was playing volleyball with my friends.

03 March 2011

Eastern Beach Picnic

We all had a fun day at Eastern beach. We built sandcastles, went swimming, played games, had a treasure hunt, climbed trees and had a really yummy lunch!

Thank you to all the parents, friends and family who came to visit us. We loved sharing the day with you.