02 December 2014

Time Words

In Room 7 we are learning about time. Here are some definitions that we would like to share with

26 November 2014

Room 7 Descriptive Writing

We had a picture of a tiny dragon to motivate us to write a description. Here is our writing.

31 October 2014

Our Solar System Word Clouds

Room 7 learned how to use tagul.com to make a word cloud. We were very pleased with the results. Here are some of our Solar System word clouds.





How Far are the Planets?

We made a table to show how far the planets are from the sun:

Pluto is the coldest planet because it is furthest from the sun.  (Mere & Nesi)
Venus is the brightest planet because it's thick atmosphere reflects light from the sun. (Victoria)
Earth is the only planet with oxygen so people can live there. (Phoenix& Paige)
The oxygen on the others planets turned into carbon dioxide. (Paige)
Uranus is the only planet that spins on it's side. (Pote)
Neptune is also very cold because it is far from the sun. (Zahra)
There is a possibility humans might be able to live on Mars. (Jasmine)
Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system. (Aj)
Mercury is the smallest planet. (Sylis)
Pluto has five known moons. (Bianca)
Neptune is 4 times bigger than Earth. (Irys)
Saturn is the only planet that can be seen by the naked eye.    (Pote)

24 October 2014

Our Solar System

For Term 4 Room 7 are learning about the Solar System.  We are so excited because we get to be scientists. We have been learning about the planets and the biggest star of all, the sun.

Please visit our blogs to see our Popplets and google drawings sharing what we have learned. 

We still have lots of questions we would like to answer:

Will gravity ever stop?  Sylis
Why does the moon orbit around Earth instead of one of the other planets? Jasmine
Does the moon orbit around the sun as well as Earth?  Paige
Why is it called the Solar System?  Jay-Don
What makes the moon shine?  Irys
Why do the planets orbit around the sun?  Pote
Why doesn't the Earth go around the moon?  Nesi
Will the Solar System ever end?  Latham
Will the moon ever die?  Zahra

Keep watching our blogs as we find out the answer to these and other questions.

26 September 2014

Interschool Cross Country

Cross Country Day
Yesterday all the cross country students from Panmure Bridge School travelled to Bailey road school to compete with other schools in races. The schools that we had to race were Bailey road school, Point England, St puis, and Glenn Bray school. When we got there we had to wear our year level wrist band. The year 7's and 8's wearied colour white, year 6's had to wear dark orange, year 5's had to wear colour brown, year 4's had to wear light orange, and the year 3's had to wear yellow.

Then the races started we had to run around the block through the junior park up the drive way, and around the field back to the start and race again.
We then had a break the the year 7's and 8's had to race last. It was fun because we all get to race with other school and get to win a certificate.

  Yesterday I went to Bailey Road school for the interschool cross country with the other people in my school who got a placing in the Cross Country. When I got there I saw a lot of schools. I felt really nervous because I saw other kids practising their running and they were fast. Miss Thomas showed are us the course where to run. It was very long. She told all of us that the year threes and fours had to run 1 time around the course. The year fives and sixes had to run 2 times and the year sevens and eights had had to run around the course 3 times. The year threes girls would start first and the year eight boys would start last. Nobody from our school was in the year three girls. When the year four boys started Joseph was coming second. All of them ran really fast. When they got back around Alex was coming third and Joseph was coming fourth. Joseph couldn't catch up to Alex and Alex came in Third pace. The races were going faster by the minute. After we had a brake it was the year 5 girls then the year five boys. It took us a couple of minutes until we could go. Finally we could go. A lot of the other year 5 boys sprinted. I was coming second to last then. The hardest part was where you go down a hill where there is rocks and when you go back up there is mud. I always slip in that area. It was a really hard course. On the second lap near the finishing line I had to stop during the race because I needed my inhaler. I came in last place. It was a really fun day and I wish I could go and run there again.

Junior School Cultural Show

Yesterday, the senior school attended a cultural show of what was created and presented by our other half of Panmure Bridge, the Junior school. The 4 rooms(Junior School) had to choose a culture and investigate the culture in dance,music and  rhythm. This task was completed in  term 3  for the Topic that the whole school was learning,  Changing Faces. The show was a really great performance to watch, the speakers of the room(which were the people who introduced the country that they selected) were very clear to hear for  the people and parent who were at the back. My favourite part of the cultural show was the conclusion  of the show.That was room 3's performance which displayed the dance and music of the  Cook Island. They had everything with them, their own drumming group and Confidence. The part at the end of their dance was spectacular and hilarious.We saw Raera of the girls and Nicky of  the  boys. This performance was one of the best performance of the time I been at Panmure Bridge School.  BY POTE

Yesterday the seniors where going to the hall to see the Junior school Cultural Show.  The Juniors were doing Nuien, Tongan , Samoa, Cook Island.  First Room One was doing Nuien dance it looked really awesome and it looked like they worked really hard, Then Room Two they did a Tongan dance looked like they  made a really big effort because they danced nicely and went smoothly. After Room two it was Room three's they did a Cook Island dance it looked really amazing because Raera did the hip swaying smoothly and the drummers where doing the drums so awesomely it felt like I was in a music show nearly at the end Raera and Nicky was doing another Cook Island dance. Then it was Room 4 they were doing a Samoan dance they did like they were all like samoans. There was a part that I though was cool it was when this girl she was holding the flag of Samoa.
My favorite part was when Room 3 and 2 did their dance.

  Yesterday room 7 went to see the junior schools cultural festival. When we where seated the drummers introduced the classes by drumming. The classes then walked in and sat down ready for the performance. Then all the classes stood up and sang Pacific unity. At the end all the people clapped loud. Then it was time for the classes to perform. The dance group started with there cool performance then room 1, 2, 3 then 4. The best dance was the dance group. I liked it because it was from South Africa and they performed it well. All the other classes where good but the dance group was the best for me. At the end they sang pacific unity again and then Mr Johnston said a few words and then he let us go back to our class to get on with our work for the day.
 On Wednesday it was Junior's Cultural day. It was in the hall. Everyone was so happy to watch the show. The juniors sang a song. Room 1 was doing Nuain, Room 2 did Tonga, Room 3 did Cook Island and Room 4 did Samoa. Room 3 was my favourite because they were really brave to move there hips and do there hula. Ra era was my favourite student in the room 3 dance because she was encouraging the other people to move there hips.  Room 2 was doing a dance to the song Faingalupe. My favourite part of Room 2 dance was when Fau and Elijah was doing there dance by them self. My favourite part about the Samoan dance was when they were doing there hand moves. My favourite part about the Nuain dance was when they were hopping around with excitement. I enjoyed watching
the show.

11 September 2014

Tongan Language Week

Nesi: Today is the start of Tongan language week. I learnt how to say the animals names. My goal for this  week is to say the greetings to the people in my class. I enjoyed learning Tongan words.
Sebastian: Today is the first day of Tongan language week. I was playing a game that taught me greetings in Tongan. The rule is that at the beginning it shows you all the greetings and then when you press start you have to try match the Tongan greetings with the english greetings. I learnt a new greeting in Tongan ma'u ha aho lelei. It means have a nice day in english.

Today is tongan language week. 
I learnt tongan numbers to 12 and it goes, Taha, ua, tolu , fa , nima, ono , fitu, valu , hiva , hongafulu , tahataha and taha ua 
My goal is to learn colours in tongan and numbers in tongan. 

Here is the link to this website where I got this game.

10 September 2014

Migration: Push and Pull Factors

Today we made a poster about Migration about pull and push factors of migration. We had some help from Trace and I liked how we had to  move a word by pushing and pulling. If i could migrate anywhere in the world, I would move to Australia because I would like to see all the different creatures in Australia.   By Tai

If I get a chance to migrate it will be Cook Island. The reason I picked Cook Island is because I wanted to know if my mum was born in a hospital because sometimes a country does not have hospital's. The other reason that I will like to migrate Cook Island is because I always like to see a drum called dokerekere. By Evelyn

This is my blog about migration. Migration is when people from a country come to a different country. Most people were pushed out of there country's because of war, crime, and poor living conditions. If I would migrate I would go to I would go to Australia because I have heard that they have cool and fun things in the gold coast. By Daniel

09 September 2014

Room 7's Visit to Auckland Museum

                                        Museum trip

Yesterday we went to the museum. First we had to wait for the bus and the bus driver took ages he than came a few minutes after.

 At the museum we went into a class room and we learnt about tapa and how it is made.

Than we went and learnt about migration and that Tongan's and other cultures come over to different country's and they bring food that is different to ours. 

 At lunch time we ate than we got into our groups in my group we had Nick as our leader  Daniel, Mere, Ofa and I in our group.  

 We spent the rest of the time looking around at things in the museum like swords and guns my favorite part was the war section and the volcano room.  
 After that we all met with the rest of the class and than we left on the bus. That was an awesome trip.  

By Latham

This is my Auckland Museum Trip slide about what I learnt. By Sylis PhotoPhoto

Yesterday morning room 7, 5 and 8 went to a trip to the Auckland Museum. We went to the Auckland Museum to learn about our topic called migration. We also went to the Auckland Museum with some helpers. When we first arrived at the Museum I was so excited about what we were going to do. 

We first got separated into two groups and the first group was the group that I was in. We went upstairs to go to a room and look at some trees and also tapa. During the other people looking at the tapa we did an activity and the activity was that we had to color on paper over the tapa patterns.

There were  two ladies and two mens that were different kinds of culture. One lady was my culture Cook Island and the other lady was Tongan. Out of the two mens one of the mens were Fijian and the other men was Samoan.

The things we did interesting with the Cook Island lady and the Samoan men was when the man was playing a interesting drum and the lady showing us a beautiful and colorful titi that goes around your waste.

My favorite part was when we got into our groups and we went into the marea and saw the beautiful carvings. My favorite carving is the big one from the back the one that's is poking it's tongue out.

By Mere

This is my Auckland Museum, show what you know. By Zahra

08 September 2014

Roll the Dice Narrative

We worked in groups to write a narrative.
Here are 2 of our narratives:

It Suddenly Began
It began when a talking rabbit Benji lived in a palace that had loud music playing, the palace was 20 feet tall and it was golden. The palace was near high mountains that had mountain climbers climbing it, the mountains were huge and spiky. There were spooky forests and scary birds singing and flying around the place. The birds were chirping as loud as they could. Jack was an old friend of one of Benji’s guards.  Benji was the size of santa claus and had the same sound like santa when he says ho ho ho .Benji liked to eat donuts so much that each day he got fatter and fatter that no one recognized him.  His stomach was round and he had not that many teeth left. One day Benji was wondering around the palace until he saw someone tall and muscular suddenly  it was Jack.

Jack looked like a monster with all those hair on his body but he was a guy who liked to  smash people’s window in the palace. Jack smashed the window and Benji was shocked and terrified. He saw a huge man that was bigger than a soldier. Jack was very hairy and ugly but he had really big muscles. Jack decided to dash right through the other side of the palace. Benji screamed “aaaaaahhhhhh” as loud as he can because Jack has stolen the precious crown. Jack stopped and stared at Benji, Jack said “ are you a talking rabbit?”, Benji screamed even louder “ aaaaahhhhh” because he wanted the crown back.  Benji  quickly called his guards and his guards ran after Jack. Jack couldn’t run  faster, so he had to stop and hide in the bushes. Benji got so terrified that jack would get away. His guards were following Jack’s large footsteps. The guards got out with a big bag of dust then poured it all on the ground. The dust was showing were Jack went. Jack was hiding in the bushes.  

The guards were following the footsteps. They got out some dust and poured it on the ground. The dust was showing were Jack went. Jack was hiding in the bushes. The guards were sneaking up on Jack and the guards caught him. Jack was screaming out loud but he got caught a sack. The guards got lost but Benji caught up to them. They went back to the palace and let Jack free. Jack was ashamed of what he had done so he gave back the crown. Jack was worried that the guards would do something to him. Benji was still not happy because he thought that Jack would come back to the palace and steal again. Benji decided to lock him up in the palace,so he was happy know. Jack knew that something terrible would happen to him. Jack felt weak and smelly. Benji was so happy that he carried on eating donuts even though he had no teeth.       

The Terminator and the stolen chromebook

Once upon a time there was a robot called Terminator. He was nasty to everyone. It was a beautiful spring day, the birds were chirping and singing. Everyone was happy, but to Terminator it was the worst day. He looked like a person who cares about nothing, even himself. One day he went to the person he hated most, Sylis.  He jumped through the kitchen window and made a big noise but sylis stayed asleep. He tip toed to Sylis’ room. The Terminator opened the door.

The Terminator snuck into Sylis’ room and heard him snoring. Sylis’ snoring made the whole room shake like an earthquake. As he was sleeping he suddenly awoke and heard footsteps at his bedroom door. Sylis saw a muscular figure appear from the shadows of the corner of his room. Sylis sat up and started screaming. Meanwhile the terminator jumped out of the window. Sylis  got up and saw that his chromebook was missing. Then Sylis shouted down the hallway, ”MUM! Where’s my chromebook”. Sylis searched all over his room but he couldn’t find it.“Why is the window cracked and open?”. He looked out of the window and saw the terminator with his chromebook running down the street. Sylis got dressed and ran as fast as he could out of the house chasing the terminator down.
Sylis ran and ran, his heart was beating in an instant. He caught up to the Terminator running the same pace as him to tackle him to the ground. Sylis realised that the charger to his chromebook was wrapped around his waist so he ripped it off and threw it as hard as he could. It went flying straight for the Terminator’s ankle but it didn’t slow him down. Sylis tripped up and fell on the pathway while the Terminator was laughing at him. Sylis was furious so he got up and started chasing the Terminator again around the block twice. Then Sylis puffed out so he fell on the lawn, exhausted. Then the terminator came running to Sylis. Sylis got up and saw his chromebook on the ground. He picked up his chromebook and ran inside his house. Quickly he got a piece of string for his drawers and tied it to each side of the door. The Terminator came sprinting right for the front door. As he ran through the trap he flew into the house face first onto the ground. The terminator was on the ground.“Why is this guy on the floor”?said mum. Then she called the cops and the terminator went to jail. He got back his chromebook and everyone was happy especially Sylis.
Screenshot 2014-09-02 at 9.37.22 AM.png

Kiwisport Netball Term 3

For half of  term 3, room 7 had been having Netball lesson with Merin, our instructor for netball, she had taught us many things about netball. She even  taught about the position  in netball. As well as the related games of netball. I have mostly liked  the netball lesson that  Merin had been teaching us. In the last week of Netball, room 7 was cut into 3 team, I was selected into the position of GK(Goal- Keeper). At the end of the session we had won 3 out of 4 games we had, one game we had a draw. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). Netball was fun but I'm ready for the next Kiwi sports activity to come. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). I just want to thank Merin  for teaching us Netball for half a term.
By Pote

On Thursday we played netball and it was our last session.We learned to shoot by bending our knees and we had to put our right hand on the side and our left hand  the bottom. Then we had to flick our wrist. We also learned to do chest passing. We have been having lots of fun learning how to play netball. We had lots of help from Merrin, our netball coach. She told us all the things were so pose to do in netball.
By Cyrus

Yesterday was our last day of netball. We had lots of fun and I learnt lots of skills with Merrin, our netball coach, and the rest of the class. The skills that I learned was to balance on one leg like a flamingo, and shoot the ball into the hoop, standing still when you are passing the ball, but not stepping. We had a lot of fun playing netball as our kiwi sport and we wish to do it again.
By Victoria