26 September 2014

Junior School Cultural Show

Yesterday, the senior school attended a cultural show of what was created and presented by our other half of Panmure Bridge, the Junior school. The 4 rooms(Junior School) had to choose a culture and investigate the culture in dance,music and  rhythm. This task was completed in  term 3  for the Topic that the whole school was learning,  Changing Faces. The show was a really great performance to watch, the speakers of the room(which were the people who introduced the country that they selected) were very clear to hear for  the people and parent who were at the back. My favourite part of the cultural show was the conclusion  of the show.That was room 3's performance which displayed the dance and music of the  Cook Island. They had everything with them, their own drumming group and Confidence. The part at the end of their dance was spectacular and hilarious.We saw Raera of the girls and Nicky of  the  boys. This performance was one of the best performance of the time I been at Panmure Bridge School.  BY POTE

Yesterday the seniors where going to the hall to see the Junior school Cultural Show.  The Juniors were doing Nuien, Tongan , Samoa, Cook Island.  First Room One was doing Nuien dance it looked really awesome and it looked like they worked really hard, Then Room Two they did a Tongan dance looked like they  made a really big effort because they danced nicely and went smoothly. After Room two it was Room three's they did a Cook Island dance it looked really amazing because Raera did the hip swaying smoothly and the drummers where doing the drums so awesomely it felt like I was in a music show nearly at the end Raera and Nicky was doing another Cook Island dance. Then it was Room 4 they were doing a Samoan dance they did like they were all like samoans. There was a part that I though was cool it was when this girl she was holding the flag of Samoa.
My favorite part was when Room 3 and 2 did their dance.

  Yesterday room 7 went to see the junior schools cultural festival. When we where seated the drummers introduced the classes by drumming. The classes then walked in and sat down ready for the performance. Then all the classes stood up and sang Pacific unity. At the end all the people clapped loud. Then it was time for the classes to perform. The dance group started with there cool performance then room 1, 2, 3 then 4. The best dance was the dance group. I liked it because it was from South Africa and they performed it well. All the other classes where good but the dance group was the best for me. At the end they sang pacific unity again and then Mr Johnston said a few words and then he let us go back to our class to get on with our work for the day.
 On Wednesday it was Junior's Cultural day. It was in the hall. Everyone was so happy to watch the show. The juniors sang a song. Room 1 was doing Nuain, Room 2 did Tonga, Room 3 did Cook Island and Room 4 did Samoa. Room 3 was my favourite because they were really brave to move there hips and do there hula. Ra era was my favourite student in the room 3 dance because she was encouraging the other people to move there hips.  Room 2 was doing a dance to the song Faingalupe. My favourite part of Room 2 dance was when Fau and Elijah was doing there dance by them self. My favourite part about the Samoan dance was when they were doing there hand moves. My favourite part about the Nuain dance was when they were hopping around with excitement. I enjoyed watching
the show.

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