11 September 2014

Tongan Language Week

Nesi: Today is the start of Tongan language week. I learnt how to say the animals names. My goal for this  week is to say the greetings to the people in my class. I enjoyed learning Tongan words.
Sebastian: Today is the first day of Tongan language week. I was playing a game that taught me greetings in Tongan. The rule is that at the beginning it shows you all the greetings and then when you press start you have to try match the Tongan greetings with the english greetings. I learnt a new greeting in Tongan ma'u ha aho lelei. It means have a nice day in english.

Today is tongan language week. 
I learnt tongan numbers to 12 and it goes, Taha, ua, tolu , fa , nima, ono , fitu, valu , hiva , hongafulu , tahataha and taha ua 
My goal is to learn colours in tongan and numbers in tongan. 

Here is the link to this website where I got this game.


Zahra said...

Well done Nesi it looks like you have been working hard.

Ducati said...

Tu Meke Nesi, I think that this is very cool and I hope you get better.

Andre said...

Tu Meke Nesi, I think this is really cool.

Keep it up


Anthony said...

Well done Nesi,
Great animals you chose.
My favourite was the Horse.
Have you tasted it?
Any way great words and translation!
Keep it up!