08 September 2014

Kiwisport Netball Term 3

For half of  term 3, room 7 had been having Netball lesson with Merin, our instructor for netball, she had taught us many things about netball. She even  taught about the position  in netball. As well as the related games of netball. I have mostly liked  the netball lesson that  Merin had been teaching us. In the last week of Netball, room 7 was cut into 3 team, I was selected into the position of GK(Goal- Keeper). At the end of the session we had won 3 out of 4 games we had, one game we had a draw. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). Netball was fun but I'm ready for the next Kiwi sports activity to come. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). I just want to thank Merin  for teaching us Netball for half a term.
By Pote

On Thursday we played netball and it was our last session.We learned to shoot by bending our knees and we had to put our right hand on the side and our left hand  the bottom. Then we had to flick our wrist. We also learned to do chest passing. We have been having lots of fun learning how to play netball. We had lots of help from Merrin, our netball coach. She told us all the things were so pose to do in netball.
By Cyrus

Yesterday was our last day of netball. We had lots of fun and I learnt lots of skills with Merrin, our netball coach, and the rest of the class. The skills that I learned was to balance on one leg like a flamingo, and shoot the ball into the hoop, standing still when you are passing the ball, but not stepping. We had a lot of fun playing netball as our kiwi sport and we wish to do it again.
By Victoria

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