10 September 2014

Migration: Push and Pull Factors

Today we made a poster about Migration about pull and push factors of migration. We had some help from Trace and I liked how we had to  move a word by pushing and pulling. If i could migrate anywhere in the world, I would move to Australia because I would like to see all the different creatures in Australia.   By Tai

If I get a chance to migrate it will be Cook Island. The reason I picked Cook Island is because I wanted to know if my mum was born in a hospital because sometimes a country does not have hospital's. The other reason that I will like to migrate Cook Island is because I always like to see a drum called dokerekere. By Evelyn

This is my blog about migration. Migration is when people from a country come to a different country. Most people were pushed out of there country's because of war, crime, and poor living conditions. If I would migrate I would go to I would go to Australia because I have heard that they have cool and fun things in the gold coast. By Daniel

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