19 August 2010

Snow stories

Our snow story for our special audience!!!!

Big Raindrop Story

We had to think of our audience and ours were the cute junior classes....

The naughty wind story

Our story for Room 3..... The Naughty Wind

13 August 2010

Jedidiah, Aryan and Deepikesh Floods

Floods ! Oh no ! Our flood facts.

Teagan and Tiaan tsunami's facts.

Tidal waves are also called tsunami's. Want to hear more? Play me !!!

hurricanes - Chloe and Efaraima

Hurricanes whirling around and around and around !!!!!!!!!

09 August 2010

Adding details when painting

Adding details

Art techniques

Practicing our techniques!


More painting!!!!!!!

Tidal wave paintings

Our class has been talking about wild weather and we watched a clip about tsunamis.I know that they can also be called tidal waves. Here we painted what we think they look like.

What are information reports?

We have been learning about what makes a good information report and writing some reports in groups and on our own.

Rangitoto paintings

We are painting !!!!
Come and learn how we painted Rangitoto Island with footsteps in the sand.