11 April 2014

Auckland Museum at the Panmure Library

We were lucky to be invited to the Panmure Library for a special session with the GEMs (Guest Educator Maori) from the Auckland Museum.  They told us a legend about how Maungarei came about (our local mountain).  See below to read some of the recounts our class wrote following this trip.

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Today Room 7 went walking to the Panmure Library. Pare, Juanita, Ole, and Kare came from the Auckland Museum and told a story and we, had to act it. We learnt about our local mountain, Maungarei. We had to spilt into two groups of fairy  tribes. The two fairy tribes were learning a dance with the Patu (club) and the rakau ( sticks ) for our fight against the other group. We had our two fishers fishing in the water and they met each other and started to get married. The other group got angry because we took there princess and started to do there dance with there Patu and then we both started to make lots of noise and suddenly the floor started to shake and it was the owner of the Maungarei (Mountain). He got really angry and we made our two groups together nosier and we were all back to friends. After that we made an matau out of clay. Here are our photo's of our listening skills and doing our dance moves.                                                

By Nesi

The Panmure Library 

Today room 7 went to the Panmure Library. We walked all the way there. When we got to the Library we had to go and sit on mat. Half the class sat on a white and black mat and the other half sat on a red and black mat. We were fairy tribes. Our teachers names were Pare, Juanita, Ole and Kare . The half of the class that sat on the black and red mat had a club (patu) and the other half that sat on the black and white mat had a stick (rakau). We enjoyed practicing with the weapons with our teachers. After that we made a matau out of clay. To make the matau we had to get a necklace and push it in the clay. When it was finally time to go back to school I was really sad we had really great time there. I hope we do it again some time.
By Daniel

Today Room 7 went to the Panmure Library. We walked all the way. When we got there it had a nice cold air freshener. There were 4 people there and their names were  Pare, Juanita , Ole and Kare. Juanita took half of us outside and she gave us our Patu and we practiced some strikes. After she said tahi to toru we went inside to have a battle with the other group.

After that some people set out some tables , some paper towels and some felt pens. Pare gave us some clay they after we had to roll it into a big ball. Next we  had to squash it. Pare gave us a matau to share. We had to push down the matau on top of the clay so it makes a shape on the clay. After we wrapped the paper towel around the clay and we went back to school. I felt  happy to be there.By Zahra

Today Room 7 went to the Panmure Library. Our class walked to the Panmure Library. When we were there I had to practice doing a weapon called a patu. We acted to a story. I had fun at the library.

By Sa Kae

10 April 2014


In Dance we have been learning about air pathways and floor pathways. We used kowhaiwhai patterns to give us ideas of different pathways we could use in our dance. We had to put our movements and pathways together to create a dance. Here are some photos of us working today.  Perhaps next week we will try and take a video of our dances to post on our blog.