28 February 2014

Week 4 Dojo Points

Well, it's the end of the week and time to look at our Class Dojo points.  How did we do?

Look at all those points for being Super Students!  Also, a lot of people completing their homework too. I am very proud of you Room 7.  Let's try and shrink our negative points next week.

23 February 2014

Super Learners

We have decided on some rules to help us become Super Learners in Room 7.

We will be rewarded for following these rules by collecting 
Class Dojo points.  Keep visiting our blog to see our progress on Class Dojo.

22 February 2014

All About Us

Room 7 decided to investigate our favourite things as part of our topic: All About Us. We had to ask a question, collect information and present it on a graph. We had a big discussion about how to pronounce "graph"! 

 Here are some of our findings:

This is my graph on the favorite animal.

The people Must liked the leopard.

 The less people liked the monkey and the horse and the kiwi 

This is my Graph everyone made one and I did room 7s favorite sport we did this for maths.We found out that most of the girls like
netball.And we found out that rugby is boys favorite sport.Then we found out that basketball,tines,cricket and soccer are the lowest.      

This is our graph that me and Eta have decided for 2014. On our graph purple and red has the same amount of numbers. The other thing is that pink,green and yellow has the least amount on the graph. Also blue is the only one that has the number 4 on it

Please visit our individual blogs to see other investigations. You will find these at the side of our blog.

School Picnic

We had such a great time at the school picnic!  Please visit our individual blogs to read all about our day at Eastern Beach.

13 February 2014

First Music Session

Today we had our first music session with Mrs Eeles

We did some chanting, games, singing and played the ukuleles:

We played a game using the names of different countries.  Mrs Eeles challenged us to think of as many countries as we could for each letter of the alphabet.  Can you help us?  Please comment below if you can think of any to add.

04 February 2014

What we are excited about in 2014.

Here is a wordle we created about what excites us in 2014:

Room 7 2014

Welcome to Room 7 2014!

Here we are on our first day of the year.  
We are all excited about the year to come and learning about each other.