13 February 2014

First Music Session

Today we had our first music session with Mrs Eeles

We did some chanting, games, singing and played the ukuleles:

We played a game using the names of different countries.  Mrs Eeles challenged us to think of as many countries as we could for each letter of the alphabet.  Can you help us?  Please comment below if you can think of any to add.


Kyra Lee said...

Hi Room7

I really enjoyed watching the photo's, I felt like I was getting a lesson. Keep up the great Work.

By Kyra

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 7

How about Botswana under B

Thank you for the awesome blog.

From Room2

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 7

How about Samoa under S

I really enjoyed watching your photos

From Jhardae

Quaid said...

Hi room 7
What about Nebraska Nambia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway for N.

Mengchun said...

Hi room 7

I'm glad that you found a country beginning with the letter X. Also you spelled Russia wrong.

Quaid said...

What about St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, San Marino and Scotland for S

Rangi said...

I liked your video and the photos.

M Miller said...

Thanks for all your comments! We have added lots of your ideas and fixed up Russia.

Mrs Eeles said...

Room 7, I'm impressed with how you are finding out more names of countries. I'm hoping that next week we can use another "N" country that is not New Zealand.

Don't forget to be thinking about the hand clapping games that you know, practice them and be ready to share on Thursday.

bradley said...


It is good to hear your doing good things.

Anthony said...

Hey Room 7,
great photos from your music lesson.
I'd love to hear you
one day! What did you guys learn?
Any similar things from last year?
Anyway, awesome presentation