29 March 2011

Caitlin Reading

Caitlin and Jharda'e had heaps of fun using the flip cam to tape each other reading a picture book from the library. We hope you enjoy.

25 March 2011

Hi my name is Rose I like School.

eastern beach

This girl is called Caitlin . She loves picnics and swimming. by Fine

24 March 2011

Months of the year

Thirty days has September,
April June and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February,
which has twenty-eight
(most of the time),
But in leap year has twenty-nine.

In Room 7 we are learning this poem to help us remember how many days are in each month.

typed by Khodaysa Rajabi

Hi my name is Liantre and this is my first term back at school.by Liantre
You look like a gangststa. From Yvette.
This is Rangi and Ephraim at Eastern beach. They are taking pictures.By Jordan

Leenas bus

Look at Germaine she has a great smile.

By Leenas.

Teina and Samantha

This is Teina and Sam on the tree playing and taking a picture.

From Sam

Miss Sayers.

This is our teacher Miss Sayers shes a wonderful teacher
By Germaine.

Alazay and Caitin

Hi Caitlin and Alazay you have really great smiles.

From Lavinia

23 March 2011

Swimming Fun

Check out our class swimming at the Lagoon Pools in Panmure.

22 March 2011

eastern beach picinic

It was fun at eastern beach picinic we had a competition. Of treasure hunt and who did the best sandcastle.By Jhardae


That was freezing, kind of but it was fun but it was really salty and it burned my throat.
By Anthony.

Inise left school

Inise left our school two weeks ago.People miss Inise because she went to Taranaki to go to another school.

by Angel


Room 7 had fun building sandcastles.
By Caitlin

11 March 2011

My Eastern Beach Day

Hi my name is Ephraim, I enjoyed the picnic at Eastern Beach. I went swimming in the sea. My favourite part of the day was playing volleyball with my friends.

03 March 2011

Eastern Beach Picnic

We all had a fun day at Eastern beach. We built sandcastles, went swimming, played games, had a treasure hunt, climbed trees and had a really yummy lunch!

Thank you to all the parents, friends and family who came to visit us. We loved sharing the day with you.