30 August 2013

Our Landform Pictures

Here are the landform pictures we made with Room 5.

Working with Room 5

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

13 August 2013

Landforms by Mengchun

Here is my Popplet brainstorm about Landforms. I learnt that most canyons have water runnng through.

Landforms by Alazay

This is my poppet it shows kind of colours the red is all about volcanoes you can see a video and what the definition is.In the grey is about the rocks and that it is apart of the landforms. In the blue is all geysers it has a video and the definition. The black is about the caves and like what is a cave. and the yellow is about mountains and did you know that they are apart of landforms. What I learnt from this session is a lot about landforms.

Landforms by Tai

Today we went on popplet. We had to write about land forms and I had good fun. We had to find a picture or a video but I chose a picture. Here is my popplet brainstorm about land forms. I learnt that volcanoes are opening in the Earth surface .

Landforms by Amato

Here is my popplet  on (Google draw) I did a brain storm about Landforms 
I learnt that there was different kind of landforms.

Landforms by Mauriora

Here is my google draw brainstorm about landforms,  I learnt that a waterfall is a steep descent of water  from a height; a cascade.

12 August 2013

Google Maps by Savannah

View Punakaiki Rocks in a larger map Room 7 is learning about Punakaiki Rocks

Google Maps by Leenas

In Room7 we have been learning about Punakaiki Rocks.Here is my Location for Punakaiki Rocks.

Google Maps by Mere

  Here is my screenshot of Punakaiki Rocks. Last week our topic taught us about Punakaiki rocks, which are located along New Zealand's West Coast.

Google Maps by Sebastian

View Punakaiki Rocks in a larger map

 This is my facts about Punakaiki(Pancake Rocks)

11 August 2013

Duffy Theatre by Christopher

On Tuesday the 29th of July 2013 Duffy Theatre people came to Panmure Bridge School and presented to us. This person here acted as alot of people. His normal name that he acted as was Scruffy. My best actor was Afi, she was funny too. When I walked in to the hall the wall which is behind this person, it was only a little wall but when it opens it is a huge wall, the wall folds open like a blanket. It was so fun there

Duffy Theatre by Gozan

Yesterday the Duffy actors came to our school to show their performance. When the whole school went in to the hall everybody was excited to see the show.It was time the school was excited to see the performance it started off with Scruffy and Duffy they were finding each other. It was funny and then it took minutes and minutes until it finished.   

Duffy Theatre by Juanita

In the hall we had to go to see a Duffy show. It was about a boy when he had a weird dream. Duffy love reading. He read to his brother a lot. He lost half of his words from this crazy man.This was a fun play the characters were  Afi Scruffy and Duffy.Thank for the great play Duffy, Afi and Scruffy.

Duffy Theatre by Shantay

On Tuesday the 30th of July, Duffy came to our school hall to perform to Panmure Bridge School about "Duffy Loses His Words". He also came a long with Scuffy (duffys brother) and Afi (duffys best friend). We saw a lot of talent from all of them and my best part of the story I liked was at the end because I won a book from Mrs Miller. It was fun! I also got chosen to go up and help Duffy spell, and I was "O" because we were spelling out POTATO. That day was my lucky day and I liked it.