13 August 2013

Landforms by Alazay

This is my poppet it shows kind of colours the red is all about volcanoes you can see a video and what the definition is.In the grey is about the rocks and that it is apart of the landforms. In the blue is all geysers it has a video and the definition. The black is about the caves and like what is a cave. and the yellow is about mountains and did you know that they are apart of landforms. What I learnt from this session is a lot about landforms.


leenas said...

Hi Alazay,

you have done a wonderful job. your popplet looks so creative keep up the great work.

Savannah said...

Great Job Alazay!

Caitlin said...

Hi Alazay,

Your popplet looks really intresting. You have done a very good job.
Keep up the good work.