11 August 2013

Duffy Theatre by Shantay

On Tuesday the 30th of July, Duffy came to our school hall to perform to Panmure Bridge School about "Duffy Loses His Words". He also came a long with Scuffy (duffys brother) and Afi (duffys best friend). We saw a lot of talent from all of them and my best part of the story I liked was at the end because I won a book from Mrs Miller. It was fun! I also got chosen to go up and help Duffy spell, and I was "O" because we were spelling out POTATO. That day was my lucky day and I liked it.


Angel said...

Hi Shantay,

I really enjoyed reading your paragraph. It's really interesting. I also like your photo that you put in. Keep up the great writing Shantay and I hope to see more of your amazing work up on your blog.


Caitlin said...

Hi Shantay

I really like your little paragraph on how the Duffy Theatre came to our school. I think you are really lucky to get a book keep up the good work


Savannah said...

Hi Shantay

You look Great keep your smile up!