13 July 2011

Rose's Bio poem

First name Rose
3 words that describe you beautiful,nice, brainy
lover of brothers, sisters,Mum and Dad.
who is able to fight an alien.
who feels happy,angry,thankful, awesome.
who wonders if I'm going to Australlia.
who fears that we may be destroying our own planet.
who would like to travel on a train.
who dreams about waking up and going to school.

Caitlin's Bio Poem

Colourful, helpful, amazing.
Lover of drawing,puppies.
Who is able to skydive.

Who feels warm inside when the sun is shining.
Who wonders if the world could fly.
Who fears earthquakes.
Who would like to bake.
Who dreams of being a millionaire

Rangi's Bio Poem

Athletic, hungry, sleeping.
Lover of rugby.
Who is able to fly.
Who feels hungry.
Who wonders to fly.
Who fears falling off the sky tower.
Who would like to fly high up in the sky.
Who dreams of having super powers.

Jordan's Bio Poem

Hungry, skinny and fast.
Lover of chocolate, food and snacks.
Who is able to be good at writing.
Who feels he could be the first person to go to Jupiter.
Who wonders if I can feel good, be rich and fly.
Who fears earthquakes.
Who would like to to be rich and be invisible.
Who dreams that it was the end of the week.

My Bio Poem

Oh S'mar
Brainy, skinny and fast.
Lover of x-box 360 game.
Who is able to do aback flip.
Who feels brainy and nice.
Who wonders if my dad could fly.
Who fears pain.
Who would like to be a millionaire.
Who dreams to be powerful.

12 July 2011

Fine's Bio Poem

Thankful, kind and friendly.
Lover of movies, art, sports and food.
Who is able to defend you in times of trouble.
Who feels happy when everyone is playful and cheerful.
Who wonders if she will have a good job in the future.
Who fears spiders, alligators, ghosts and some insects.
Who would like to help people in need of food, clothes and water.
Who dreams that some girls and boys at her school will get along.

My Bio Poem


Kind, awesome and smart.

Money, food and prizes.

Who is able to go shopping.

Who fears sharks and yucky spiders.

Who wonders if my brother is going to come back from Christchurch.

Who feels happy, friendly and hungry.

Who would like to travel the world.

Who dreams of being a mermaid with magic powers and a millionaire.