16 June 2009


Room 7 made up a cool rap (chant) about bullying!!!!
Come and listen to us warning others about it !!!!

In Health we are talking about Bullying.Our class decided to write a report to warn and help others be more aware of what this is and where it can happen.

Come and listen to our class report being read loud and clear for all to hear!!!!

02 June 2009

Kane enjoyed meeting and writing a report on Brian Lovelock.

I wish I could draw as well as Brian Lovelock.

Alison enjoyed interacting with Brian Lovelock,here's her report.

I could be an illustrator too!!!!Regan's report on Brian Lovelock.
Michael Watson's report on Brian Lovelock.
Room 7 was lucky enough to meet Mr Brian Lovelock at Panmure Library a few weeks ago.The class wrote reports about him and we have been working hard at speaking clear and loud so that everyone would know what we are saying.
I hope you enjoy listening to our reports on BRIAN LOVELOCK!!!!