30 March 2014

Class Dojo

Oops!  We had some students who forgot to stick to the class rules this week.  However, look at all those points for homework - way to go.  I challenge you to be more helpful next week Room 7.

22 March 2014

Class Dojo Week 7

Here are our Dojo Points for Week 7.  You can see we have been really focussed on our learning and we have lots of Super Students doing wonderful things in our class:

14 March 2014

Class Dojo

Way to go Room 7!  What an awesome class you are!

Counting to Ten in Different Languages

We have been learning to count in different languages.  We recorded our learning using google draw and voicethread.

07 March 2014

Class Dojo Week 5

Congratulations Room 7, you have improved your positive behaviour by 2% this week.  There is a big chunk of homework points which is fabulous and look at how focussed you have been on your learning!

Please comment below and tell me one thing that you did to be a Super Learner in Week 5.

06 March 2014

Kiwisport Baseball

We have been enjoying learning how to play baseball with Nick.  We have learnt that it is similar to softball.  The two differences are:

  • the ball is smaller in baseball
  • the pitching is overarm in baseball
Please enjoy looking at our photos.