30 March 2014

Class Dojo

Oops!  We had some students who forgot to stick to the class rules this week.  However, look at all those points for homework - way to go.  I challenge you to be more helpful next week Room 7.


Linda said...

Hi room 7

It great that you have done a great work on your homework and doing right thing but remember to stick to the rules.

By linda

Anthony said...

Hey Room 7,
You guys boosted
way up from last year. I
think the better improvement is homework. Maybe you guys can just work a littleicbetter on your respect. But besides
that you guys are awesome. Keep
the nice work up!

Wiremu said...

hi room 7 you guys killing it nice to all the homework for classdojo i like how much work yous have been doing keep it up.room 7

Deziree said...

Hey Room 7

Great Work on your Class Dojo points this year. Keep it up! I think yous might have to learn how to be a lot more HELPFUL!!!
Great Work Room 7


shannon said...

You did great on your homework this week but you did better last week but any way keep up the good work

Saruja said...

Hi room 7
I think you guys are got lots of dojo point from Mrs Miller .
I think you guys are work very hard by doing homework and doing right thing at school and at home.
Keep it up the great work room 7
From Saruja