09 September 2014

Room 7's Visit to Auckland Museum

                                        Museum trip

Yesterday we went to the museum. First we had to wait for the bus and the bus driver took ages he than came a few minutes after.

 At the museum we went into a class room and we learnt about tapa and how it is made.

Than we went and learnt about migration and that Tongan's and other cultures come over to different country's and they bring food that is different to ours. 

 At lunch time we ate than we got into our groups in my group we had Nick as our leader  Daniel, Mere, Ofa and I in our group.  

 We spent the rest of the time looking around at things in the museum like swords and guns my favorite part was the war section and the volcano room.  
 After that we all met with the rest of the class and than we left on the bus. That was an awesome trip.  

By Latham

This is my Auckland Museum Trip slide about what I learnt. By Sylis PhotoPhoto

Yesterday morning room 7, 5 and 8 went to a trip to the Auckland Museum. We went to the Auckland Museum to learn about our topic called migration. We also went to the Auckland Museum with some helpers. When we first arrived at the Museum I was so excited about what we were going to do. 

We first got separated into two groups and the first group was the group that I was in. We went upstairs to go to a room and look at some trees and also tapa. During the other people looking at the tapa we did an activity and the activity was that we had to color on paper over the tapa patterns.

There were  two ladies and two mens that were different kinds of culture. One lady was my culture Cook Island and the other lady was Tongan. Out of the two mens one of the mens were Fijian and the other men was Samoan.

The things we did interesting with the Cook Island lady and the Samoan men was when the man was playing a interesting drum and the lady showing us a beautiful and colorful titi that goes around your waste.

My favorite part was when we got into our groups and we went into the marea and saw the beautiful carvings. My favorite carving is the big one from the back the one that's is poking it's tongue out.

By Mere

This is my Auckland Museum, show what you know. By Zahra

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Teagan said...

Hi room 7,

Your stories and presentations about the museum were Tu Meke. I really liked the presentations.

Tu Meke room 7