08 September 2014

Roll the Dice Narrative

We worked in groups to write a narrative.
Here are 2 of our narratives:

It Suddenly Began
It began when a talking rabbit Benji lived in a palace that had loud music playing, the palace was 20 feet tall and it was golden. The palace was near high mountains that had mountain climbers climbing it, the mountains were huge and spiky. There were spooky forests and scary birds singing and flying around the place. The birds were chirping as loud as they could. Jack was an old friend of one of Benji’s guards.  Benji was the size of santa claus and had the same sound like santa when he says ho ho ho .Benji liked to eat donuts so much that each day he got fatter and fatter that no one recognized him.  His stomach was round and he had not that many teeth left. One day Benji was wondering around the palace until he saw someone tall and muscular suddenly  it was Jack.

Jack looked like a monster with all those hair on his body but he was a guy who liked to  smash people’s window in the palace. Jack smashed the window and Benji was shocked and terrified. He saw a huge man that was bigger than a soldier. Jack was very hairy and ugly but he had really big muscles. Jack decided to dash right through the other side of the palace. Benji screamed “aaaaaahhhhhh” as loud as he can because Jack has stolen the precious crown. Jack stopped and stared at Benji, Jack said “ are you a talking rabbit?”, Benji screamed even louder “ aaaaahhhhh” because he wanted the crown back.  Benji  quickly called his guards and his guards ran after Jack. Jack couldn’t run  faster, so he had to stop and hide in the bushes. Benji got so terrified that jack would get away. His guards were following Jack’s large footsteps. The guards got out with a big bag of dust then poured it all on the ground. The dust was showing were Jack went. Jack was hiding in the bushes.  

The guards were following the footsteps. They got out some dust and poured it on the ground. The dust was showing were Jack went. Jack was hiding in the bushes. The guards were sneaking up on Jack and the guards caught him. Jack was screaming out loud but he got caught a sack. The guards got lost but Benji caught up to them. They went back to the palace and let Jack free. Jack was ashamed of what he had done so he gave back the crown. Jack was worried that the guards would do something to him. Benji was still not happy because he thought that Jack would come back to the palace and steal again. Benji decided to lock him up in the palace,so he was happy know. Jack knew that something terrible would happen to him. Jack felt weak and smelly. Benji was so happy that he carried on eating donuts even though he had no teeth.       

The Terminator and the stolen chromebook

Once upon a time there was a robot called Terminator. He was nasty to everyone. It was a beautiful spring day, the birds were chirping and singing. Everyone was happy, but to Terminator it was the worst day. He looked like a person who cares about nothing, even himself. One day he went to the person he hated most, Sylis.  He jumped through the kitchen window and made a big noise but sylis stayed asleep. He tip toed to Sylis’ room. The Terminator opened the door.

The Terminator snuck into Sylis’ room and heard him snoring. Sylis’ snoring made the whole room shake like an earthquake. As he was sleeping he suddenly awoke and heard footsteps at his bedroom door. Sylis saw a muscular figure appear from the shadows of the corner of his room. Sylis sat up and started screaming. Meanwhile the terminator jumped out of the window. Sylis  got up and saw that his chromebook was missing. Then Sylis shouted down the hallway, ”MUM! Where’s my chromebook”. Sylis searched all over his room but he couldn’t find it.“Why is the window cracked and open?”. He looked out of the window and saw the terminator with his chromebook running down the street. Sylis got dressed and ran as fast as he could out of the house chasing the terminator down.
Sylis ran and ran, his heart was beating in an instant. He caught up to the Terminator running the same pace as him to tackle him to the ground. Sylis realised that the charger to his chromebook was wrapped around his waist so he ripped it off and threw it as hard as he could. It went flying straight for the Terminator’s ankle but it didn’t slow him down. Sylis tripped up and fell on the pathway while the Terminator was laughing at him. Sylis was furious so he got up and started chasing the Terminator again around the block twice. Then Sylis puffed out so he fell on the lawn, exhausted. Then the terminator came running to Sylis. Sylis got up and saw his chromebook on the ground. He picked up his chromebook and ran inside his house. Quickly he got a piece of string for his drawers and tied it to each side of the door. The Terminator came sprinting right for the front door. As he ran through the trap he flew into the house face first onto the ground. The terminator was on the ground.“Why is this guy on the floor”?said mum. Then she called the cops and the terminator went to jail. He got back his chromebook and everyone was happy especially Sylis.
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Cyrus said...

Awesome Work guys I really like how you came up with the story I also like the image.