31 October 2014

How Far are the Planets?

We made a table to show how far the planets are from the sun:

Pluto is the coldest planet because it is furthest from the sun.  (Mere & Nesi)
Venus is the brightest planet because it's thick atmosphere reflects light from the sun. (Victoria)
Earth is the only planet with oxygen so people can live there. (Phoenix& Paige)
The oxygen on the others planets turned into carbon dioxide. (Paige)
Uranus is the only planet that spins on it's side. (Pote)
Neptune is also very cold because it is far from the sun. (Zahra)
There is a possibility humans might be able to live on Mars. (Jasmine)
Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system. (Aj)
Mercury is the smallest planet. (Sylis)
Pluto has five known moons. (Bianca)
Neptune is 4 times bigger than Earth. (Irys)
Saturn is the only planet that can be seen by the naked eye.    (Pote)

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Jasmine said...

Hi Room 7, I like you Google drawing. Did you know that when planets are really far away they call it a light year.

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From Jasmine