05 April 2012

Outcomes of Bullying

Outcomes of Bullying

If you get bullied you need to tell a teacher or a grown up person and they will get a graling. lf you are a bully you need to quit being one and be respectful to others. If you are getting bullied that person would feel sad,not happy,angry,and in barising.

lf you are getting bullied by someone not leting you play a game anywere like at school or at home you can tell your mum or dad but if your at school you can tell your friends or a teacher or even anyone around you.

If you bully one another that means that you are not very nice person so that is why you end up with no friends and will be very lonely and then you know not to be a bully again and will be nice again .


Rangi said...

wow!Chris this looks cool

jhardae said...

Hi chris

I like your outcomes of bullying its cool keep up the good work.

From jhardae.

Patrick said...

Wow Chris

I liked how you put, someone sanding on a persons. I wonder who is the person that stepped on the other persons foot

Mengchun said...

You statement is like a story.

mauriora said...

Wow nice work i wish i could do mine good like you

Creedence said...

Hi Chris i like how you drawed the persons.

By Creedence