27 March 2012

The Funky Body

It all began on a Important Tuesday at the building of Telstra Clear Dome where other schools near by came because it was a special day we were told by our teachers that there were going to a cool place and other kids would be there, hearing Dr. Ben Carson speak on a speaker and show some interesting facts about the human body like: Blood Cells, also Ribs the Brain and much more. While he was talking I thought that wonderful things to boys/girls to kept them alive also good health. I am so lucky that I have, got good health. Did you Dr. Ben Carson say that he used nurses to help cut two baby’s heads that were connected to each other. The head was cut within 24 hours and without serious damage to their brain after Doctor Ben Carson was finished talking about his fantastic amazing facts he gave every single kid there a free Up and Go and an apple.
I Kyra wants to thank you MainFreight and other companies around the world so, thank you for letting me and other schools have an awesome experience day out. The End:)

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