13 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Punakaiki Rocks

Room 7 Film Festival 2013 from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

As  part of our study on landforms in Term 3 our school put together a production called "This Land". It was written by the talented Mrs Eeles.  Our class chose Punakaiki (The Pancake Rocks) to study for our landform.  This is the item we created for our part in the school production.  We hope you enjoy it and remember PUNAKAIKI ROCKS!!


Mrs Anderson said...

We loved your movie Room 7. Punakaiki rocks and so do you! The green screen effect was great as it showed us what really being there must be like. Well done!

Asmah said...

Hi Room 7...
We all loved your movie. It was nice to see your production item again. In the beginning of the movie, the green screen was really effective. You all have done a wonderful job.


Edwina said...

Well done Room 7 that was really interesting and fantastic.

Shantai H said...

Hi, Room 7
I loved your green screen as well!!!

Teharangi said...

I think your move was amazing
My favorite part was when they all started to sing
I was wondering about the rokes maybe you can make like a anater move about it.
thank you for sharing you move with us?

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 7,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your movie. I liked how you gave factual information on the Punakaiki Rocks and ended with your really cool music video "We will Rock you". Keep up the great learning.

From Miss Paton

Miss G said...

Well done Room 7 with your movie. By watching your movie, I wish I had been able to come and see your school production!

You look like you put a lot of work into this and it was appreciated by all the audiences who watched it today. I really enjoyed watching your movie too.

Miss Morris said...

Hi Room 7,

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and learning about Punakaiki rocks. Your rock moves, singing and groovy hairdos made the movie very entertaining. Great job everyone.

Sebastian said...

Hi Room 7

Your movie about Punakaiki is awesome. Your background really stood out. All the best luck for next year.

From Sebastian

Mikayla said...

Hello Room :)

Yours guys movie was hilarious. I really enjoyed it with other friends of mind. Your teacher should be proud of you. Do you guys have any other movie topics you might do next year? I bet it's going to be great. Well anyway Room 7 you did a wonderful job.

Alisi said...

Kia ora Room 7,

I really enjoy watching your movie. My favourite part is when the class dances at the end. You class got some cool as moves! What was challenging while making your movie?

Mary said...

Hi Room 7 :)

I thought that you had a very lovely movie. When it came to the dancing bit I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I liked your story idea I thought it was unique too. Anyway who did you get the idea from?

Crystal said...

Hi Room 7
Your movie is very interesting. A lot of facts were being told and that was great :) I like your guys chant and dance. I like to dance as well. Keep it up

Blade said...

Hey room 7 your movie was very awesome. The part that I liked most was when your class was doing that dance. Your dance was really hilarious. How did you do your background of the Punakaiki Rocks?

Catherine K said...

Well done room 10 on our movie for the manaiakalani film Festtivl.

Norsalomah said...

Hello room 7
I really enjoyed watching your movie. Your dance was really great. Also your affects of your movie. Well done room 7.

leenas said...

Hi Alisi,

Thanks for the nice comment. the challenging part was wearing my teachers clases.
it was a bit hard to see everyone but I managed to get through the movie without any accidents.

Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Room 7,
I really enjoyed viewing your movie. I liked how you were able to incorporate the different styles into it - explanations through the discussions at the start and the song at the end. My boys and I visited Punakaiki at the start of this year - unfortunately, we didn't get to see a blowhole, but we did see lots of pancake-looking stacks of rocks!
Tsana (Parent and BOT member, Glenbrae School)

Mele said...

Hi Room 7

You did a good Job keep it up!
I like the song it was so good and funny.I like your movie it was so interesting.
Keep it up!! Room 7.

Savannah said...

Hi Mary :)

Thank you Mary for commenting. We wrote the script by ourselves .

Deziree said...

Hi Blade,

Thanks for your comment but we actually used a green screen Thanks.

Deziree,Room 7

camill said...

Hi Rm7 I loved your movie. When I sawed the Punakaiki rocks I thought it was pancake too. How did you think of a brilliant movie like this?

I am Camille from Glen Innes School.

Orica said...

I just want to say thank you to everyone for commenting on room 7 blogs. We wrote the script by ourselves .

Stephanie said...

I like your gus dance at the end

Phoenix said...

Hi Guys,

I think that your dance was just AMAZING I AM LOST FOR WORDS so keep up the good work and always try.

Andrew said...

I loved your movie it was amazing.
By Andrew