17 October 2013

Our Voice Thread on the Tamaki River


Anonymous said...

Hi room 7
I like how you told the facts very clearly and described what it was like and what was living arround it

Kataraena said...

Hey Room 7,

I like the way how use clearly told facts about the Tamaki River. And I like the way use worked collaboratively to do this. AWESOME

Anonymous said...

H room 7
I like how you had very clear voices and described your facts really well.

Great Job

Efaraima said...

Hey Room 7
Your Tamaki River Voice Thread is awesome.Keep Up the good work.

Jacob said...

Hi Guys

I like how your voices were loud and clear. I learnt how the Tamaki river/estuary was used in the past. Keep up the great work.

Linda said...

Hi Room 7

You have learn lots of things about Tamaki River and you know what Room 5 is learn about Tamaki River too and Keep up the good Work.


Rachel Pepa said...

Hi Room 7

Awesome facts about the Tamaki River keep up the good teamwork really enjoyed listening to your facts.

Oxsanah2cjngt9@panmurebridge.school.nz said...

I really like your awsome facts bout the Tamaki River. Keep the good work up.