05 June 2013

Education in the past

We learnt how to turn our presentations into a flipping e-book. We hope you enjoy our work, and thanks to Miss Paton for teaching us this great trick! I learnt that in the olden days the teachers weren't allowed to dye their hair. By Sebastian Today we are learning about Past Education. I have learnt that in the olden days they used a feather with ink to write or draw. We have made a FlipSnack where you can flip your slideshows. I hope you enjoy looking at my ebook. By Shantay This is my E-book on past education, I learnt that In the olden days boys and girls use to wear gumboots and boys got taught woodwork and the girls got taught swimming skills and In the olden days if children didn't go to school with clean fingernails they would of got the strap. By Christopher I learnt that they used Teletypers in 1930's. I also learnt that if you have dirty fingernails they had to clean them or cut them. By Deziree


Paige said...
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Paige said...

Hi room 7 I liked the flipping E books but I like the one about that said you wall have a bath in
the front of the class room