18 April 2013

Portrait Art 3

Make a video of your own at Animoto.


Jharda'e said...

Hey room 7

I really like your art portrait Keep up the good work.

jessie said...

Hi room 7

I really like your work and its cool you should keep up the good work you's are doing

By Jessie

Yvette said...

Hi Room 7,
I like your artworks you made with black vivid. It makes me feel like making one. Your artworks look like you which is really good because I can tell who you are. Keep up the FANTASTIC artwork.

From Yvette

Angel said...

Hi Room 7,

I really enjoyed looking at your portraits. They look really awesome. Keep up the art Room 7.


Creedence said...

Hi Room 7 ,

I really like how you done your guys portrait . It looks great , Keep up the good work

Halatoa said...

Hi I really like your photo dontalian
it looks cool

Faith said...

Great room 7!
I like the creativity in your beautiful artworks, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw one of your artworks in a shop!Awesome artwork once again.

Keep up the awesome post.
Faith from T.P.S

Ana said...

Hi Room 7
I really like your sketching it's really nice i really like the different color you guise picked it very colorful and how did you guise make it. BY ANA